The Shadow Rising: Chapter 10

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Author: Manora al'Sara

Dragon Chapter Icon.png

The Stone Stands

Chapter Icon: A Dragon

Point of View: Rand

Setting: The Stone of Tear

Characters: Rand, Lanfear, Moiraine, Lan


The Stone of Tear is attacked by Trollocs and Myrddraal


Rand leaves Lanfear in his rooms and finds his Aiel guard dead in the doorway. Battle is raging in the Stone with Trollocs and Fades. He takes on a Fade right outside his door and shouts out battle cries in the hope of keeping the remaining Defenders of the Stone from fleeing and they begin to echo his shouts. Rand battles with the Fade and each time his Power-wrought sword meets the Fade's Thakan'dar blade lightning flashes from them. Eventually he begins to overpower the Fade and his blade shears the Fades in two. He kills the Fade also taking out the Trollocs that are bonded with it. The Defenders obey his commands about the injured and the care of their blades. This is the first time they have accepted his leadership, so he orders them to follow him, again shouting battle cries (which they also take up).

He leads the remaining Defenders through the Stone killing as many Shadowspawn as possible. Everywhere there is fighting in small groups. Some of the Aiel join him along the way. At one point he sees Moiraine and Lan and sees Lan get injured but can do nothing to help as he is swamped by Trollocs. By the time he is finished with them Moiraine and Lan are gone. He also notices that some of the battles going on are between men and those Darkfriends in the Stone that have sided with the Shadowspawn. He also sees Trollocs fighting Trollocs and assumes that the Myrddraal have lost control over them and their bloodlust has taken over.

Rand takes on a group of Trollocs, one of which falls trapping him as another advances on him. A fourth Trolloc splits the advancing Trolloc's head open and leaves Rand alone. Rand is astonished that a Trolloc appears to have saved him. Rand stops to watch two Fades fighting each other in the hallways. Lanfear appears behind him and pretty much admits that this conflict between the Shadowspawn is her doing. He uses the Power to pin her up against the wall but cannot remember how to shield her. She reminds Rand that he has left Callandor in his rooms and that anyone could take it. She then breaks his weaves and taunts him. He leaves her to run back to his rooms for Callandor. He is hesitant to use it but takes it up anyway. A Fade appears in the doorway and he reaches for saidin using Callandor. The Fade turns to flee but, without even realizing he had channeled he destroys it.

He then goes after the remaining Shadowspawn burning them all with the Power where they stand. Rand needs to do more, something to kill all of them. He raises Callandor and draws on the Source, he has no idea what he does but creates a spinning mass of light and it seems like a voice in his head is telling when to unleash it. Lightning from the mass goes shooting across the ceilings which strike down at all the Shadowspawn throughout the Stone. He can feel the lightning striking them down.

Moiraine appears and also does not know what he did. She is shocked and lost for words, but seems to think there may be something wrong with Rand and keeps her distance. Rand sees a small girl dead and is so distressed he tries to bring her back to life using Callandor and the Power but it does not work and he begs for Moiraine to Heal her. She tells him she cannot Heal the dead but that she will see that the girl's body is taken care of. Rand is upset that he is too late to save them all. He then asks if his friends are alive and Moiraine tells him that they are. Lan explains that the Trollocs came in on grain barges and wagons and he is contemptuous that nobody thought to check why grain should be brought to the Stone. Rand tells Moiraine about Lanfear but she is not surprised, she tells Rand about Lanfear and Lews Therin's relationship. Moiraine Heals Rand and he finally tells her that he will decide his next move that night and tell her tomorrow.



  • Why are Shadowspawn fighting each other?


  • Lanfear is able to unravel flows that Rand has tied, even without seeing them
  • Rand does something to kill all the Trollocs


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  • Why are Shadowspawn fighting each other?

Graendal sent some to fight the ones Sammael sent, though why this was felt necessary is not clear.

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