Tower Gatekeeper

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This is a staff position within the Department of Technology. It is held by two people at a time.

Department: Department of Technology

Position Level: Staff

Rotation: Non-rotating position

Merit Eligibility: Staff Merit

Chain of Command

The Tower Gatekeepers report to the Master of the Watch - Interface.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Navigate the XenForo backend to add and remove members from usergroups in XenForo.
  • Do so in a timely and efficient manner.


  • Must be active, organized, and able to pay attention to little details.
  • Must have good interpersonal skills as you will be working directly with Membership Admins.
  • Must stay in contact with the Director of Technology.

Time Commitment

  • Must be able to dedicate 5-10 hours per week to this position, though the specific time needed will fluctuate week to week.


  • Must be a Senior Member in good standing with the Tower.
  • Must have the computer skills necessary to do this job.


This position was created in July 2012.