Towers of Midnight: Chapter 11

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Author: Bryce al'Mara

Dragon Chapter Icon.png

An Unexpected Letter

Chapter Icon: A Dragon

Point of View: Elayne

Setting: Elayne's sitting room in the Royal Palace in Caemlyn

Characters: Birgitte, Dyelin, Elayne, Norry


Elayne discusses her plans of accepting the throne of Cairhien with Dyelin and Birgitte.


Elayne discusses with Dyelin what to do with the Noble prisoners they have. Dyelin insists on freeing them and using them as a resource while Elayne doesn't want to let them go. Birgitte suggests killing them but Elayne shoots that thought down. They discuss giving the Windfinders their promised sliver of land. The topic then changes to what to do to get everyone to decide not to toy with Elayne. Elayne suggests seizing the Cairhien throne. They talk about the pros and cons of such a move but then are interrupted by Norry. Norry informs Elayne that he has had Hark watching the inn the Aes Sedai have been staying at, The Greeting Hall. Norry tells Elayne that Duhara Sedai has been visiting with Ellorien. After a few questions about the visits Elayne is able to deduce that they are being played and that it is a warning. Norry then brings up the subject of mercenaries, informing Elayne that a certain mercenary captain has wrote her a letter that showed familiarity. After a glance Elayne realizes the letter is from Mat. The letter says that Mat would like to meet her and he needs her bellfounders. Elayne tells Norry to set up a meeting and to have Mat bring Thom. Birgitte and Elayne tell Dyelin a little bit about Mat. She talks about using the Band of the Red Hand in Cairhien remembering that Mat said a lot of its members were native sons of Cairhien. Elayne ponders on what she would do after Shayol Ghul if Rand dies. She then decides to meet up with Sumeko and Alise to discuss the future of the Kin.


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Character Development

  • She is allowing her personal emotions to rule her rather than doing what would help her diplomatically.
  • She is dead set on uniting Andor and Cairhein and being able to keep peace if something bad happens to Rand.


What are Elayne's plans for the Kin?

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