Towers of Midnight: Chapter 32

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Author: Bryce al'Mara

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A Storm of Light

Chapter Icon: Trolloc Skull and Fist

Points of View: Ituralde, Min


Bashere shows up to save Ituralde and Rand battles the Shadowspawn who are trying to take the city. Rand takes Rodel to Alsalaam.


Ituralde's Point of View:

Location: Maradon

Characters: Ituralde, Bashere, Rand

Ituralde and his troops are hiding in the buildings of Maradon after sacrificing the Palace early on, using oil and Asha'man to make the palace a burning death trap for hundreds of Trollocs and Fades. The enemy thought Ituralde was trying to save the city but Ituralde was using the city for attacks and escapes. An advantage that he and the Saldeans had. Ituralde uses a wounded man with a group of horses to lure in Trollocs then has archers take them down. Then he and his soldiers go to another building. Ituralde has sent the asha'man away hours before and there was no sign of the rescue that was supposed to happen. Ituralde hears sounds and gets his troops ready to attack but one of his men points out there are no hooves. Ituralde steps out and there are soldiers from Bashere's army. Ituralde is a little upset that it took so long, noting that he started out with 200 people and was down to 50.

The troops lead Ituralde into a well defended part of the city. The troops reclaimed most of Maradon and are in the process of putting out the fires. Bashere is surprised with how well Ituralde defended the city giving him praise. Bashere tells Ituralde that Yoeli died. Ituralde thinks about how after all they did in the city it is lost. Bashere tells everyone to get ready to leave. Just then someone says something at the window and they go over to look to see Trollocs coming down the pass, many times the number that had been attacking them at Maradon. Bashere says they need to get ready to leave but Ituralde says if that force gets past there wont be any force in Saldea, Andor, or Arad Doman that can stop it. He then asks if Rand made peace with the Seanchan to which Rand walks in and tells him he has failed at that. Ituralde notices that Rand has changed that he is no longer looking suspicious and that he is looking at Ituralde with concern and he has wisdom in his eyes now. Rand apologizes to Ituralde and Bashere tells them they need to leave. Rand says no and that he will not allow the Trollocs to have the city. He then steps through a gateway with 2 maidens. Ituralde looks out his looking glass on to the field to see Rand being charged by thousands of Trollocs. Rand then starts destroying them using waves of fire. Then when the Draghkar start to attack form the sky he uses shards of ice to destroy them and he also uses Deathgates. Naeff says Rand is using so many threads he can't track them. A storm then appears and lightning start striking the enemy. Clouds make funnels in the air sucking the trollocs in the air and waterspouts raises behind made of flesh and fire and dumped the bodies on the others. Ituralde then hears a scream nearby but can not look away. Trollocs then start turning and running and those that didn't are killed by Rands last attack where he goes all out. Ituralde sees tens of thousands of dead Trollocs out there and notes that it has only taken about an hour. They then go to inspect the scream and go to Lord Vram Torkumen's room. He finds Torkumen in a corner with his eyes missing he had taken them out with a quill. Torkumen tells them his wife jumped to her death out the window because of the terrible Light he could not look upon, he then asks the Dark Lord for his protection. Bashere tells them it appears as if he is a darkfriend.

Min's Point of View:

Location: Maradon

Characters: Min, Rand

Min sits studying a book wondering about Rand as she feels anger through the bond. She sees light in the other room and feels Rand close so she runs to meet him. Rand sits in his chair and Min sees wounded people coming into the courtyard below and Aes Sedai running out to heal them. She asks Rand if he is alright and he tells her he had grown angry and he thought he was beyond that now. Telling Min he saw his men resisting the Dark One and that the Dark One had attacked so strongly there to try and break Rand and Rand stood against them. Rand tells Bashere he has a right to his anger that before he held everything in and that was wrong that he must feel. Rand tells them his actions may have been a mistake saying it almost came to a direct confrontation between him and the Dark one and that must happen at Shayol Ghul and he can not let the men think he will always be able to save them. Rand says that the battle exhausted him beyond what he should have allowed. He tells them he must rest that he is meeting with the Borderlanders the next day but Min tells him Cadsuane is back with someone. He asks Ituralde to come with him. Rand asks Min while they are walking about what she has learned and she tells him she thinks Callandor might leave him open to attack. They arrive at Cadsuane's to find the King of Arad Doman. Rand tells Min a friend left him a secret that the White Tower has Mattin Stepaneos and that led him to believe that they might have done the same thing with other monarchs and if they had he would have been stuck in the snow. He was happy one of the people he thought he had killed was still alive.


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Visions and Prophecies

Jendai Prophecy
  • and the Blade will bind him by twain

Character Development

  • The new Rand Sedai is thankful for his emotions, willing to accept anger and pain now.


First Mention

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