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This position was a staff position within the Department of Community Development that helped the administration fill visual art and graphic needs, i.e. logos for our real life events, graphics for online events, etc. This person will also help to get this graphic work up onto t-shirts, etc. in our cafépress store as well as help Ajahs/Companies generate products for the store.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Facilitate the production of design for logos and other collateral that the site may need (creating the art, running contests for logos, etc)--
  • Work with the Director of Community Development and the Manager of General Services
  • Submit monthly reports on the progress of all activities
  • Work very closely with Online Events as well as any department with need for quality graphics.


  • Be able to spend approximately 5-10 hours or more a week on the boards and elsewhere executing duties
  • Knowledge of fundamental and basic principles of art and design a plus
  • Be able and willing to make adjustments as needed


The Visual Resource Lead was created in 2007 to take over some of the duties of the Art Museum Curator, particularly those that involved the cafepress store, namely the acquiring of designs for collateral materials for our real life and online events.

After the 2008 Admin Meeting the Visual Resource Lead completely took over the Art Museum Curator duties, since the curator position was dissolved. In 2010 it was decided that the community is in bigger need of visuals on all levels, and their creation was officially transferred to the newly formed Department of Marketing. The Product Manager was created to take over the cafepress store.

Visual Resource Leads