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A Word About the Site

TarValon.Net was created with the express purpose of giving a handful of real-life friends and fans of the Wheel of Time series a place to meet and interact with each other regardless of their physical location.

It all began with just the Blue and Green Ajah Headquarters. In time, the creators realized that there would need to be a central location for the community. Thus the Tower was born. They felt that it was in the best interests of the community to keep the spirit of the White Tower in line with the fictional Tower in the series.

As the membership increased, it became clear just how well this form of government could work. Soon after, the community's officials were elected and the following Mission Statement and Bylaws were developed.


TarValon.Net is an unofficial Wheel of Time Fan Club, run for and by its members. We are not a role-playing game site. However, we do use fictional names while dealing with Tower Business. There may also be some light role-playing, but it is secondary to our function as a fan-based real-life organization. Please bear in mind that we do blur the lines between characters and reality. People will take your actions seriously and may not differentiate between your actions and those of your fictional name.

Mission Statement

TarValon.Net exists to provide its members with the opportunity to adopt the ideals and philosophies of the White Tower as described in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, while supporting a real life community through gatherings, online communication, and fraternity. We strive to maintain a website that appeals and educates visitors about the Wheel of Time in an original and innovative fashion. TarValon.Net not only seeks to create real life friendships and bonds between fans all over the world, but also to be seen as the trusted source for news, research, art, and theories while maintaining a high level of quality in all works produced, and achieving a high entertainment value for the public in general.

For more on our code, laws, and regulations, please refer to the Bylaws.


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Currently, TarValon.Net is organized into seven departments. The Directors of these Departments plus the Amyrlin Seat (CEO), the Keeper of the Chronicles (COO), the Shatayan/Shambayan (CFO), the Cordamora (CMO), and the Archivist (CRO) form the Executive Branch. Each Department serves a specific function to enrich the community.


Main article: Tower History

Since TarValon.Net was formed in 2001, this site has gone through many changes. Administration is constantly looking to the future and finding ways to continue to expand and grow. Our rich organizational structure is a result of years of policy change and self-evaluation. The most drastic of these changes are decided at the Executive Meeting.