Which WoT Character Would Make a Good SDS?

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Author: Roland al'Kena

Essay Submitted For Raising to Gaidin

Assignment: Name one character from the books who is not already a Warder and explain why he would fit perfectly in your company.

Who would fit in SDS you may ask me? Well I'd have to say Uno Nomesta. I think he'd fit perfectly in SDS. He has a lot of our qualities. He has a very coarse mouth. Swearing whenever he wants, with no regard to anyone, although he does try to avoid it around ladies.

"Shienaran soldier, chief among those with Perrin. He is missing his left eye and has a long scar down the left side of his face. He has a very foul tongue, a habit of which Moiraine is trying to break him of. He wears his hair in standard Shienaran warrior style: shaved head except for a topknot." Uno Nomesta, pp. 35 The Dragon Reborn.

The eye makes people squirm when he looks someone in the eye. He is the Head Guard of Fal Dara Keep, when he is not on a campaign. Uno Keeps very good discipline among his men, and is a good person to go to when you need advise. He is the jack of all trades, he commands, battles, and gives advise, the perfect SDS in my opinion.

If you ask me, which you did, this would be my answer. A man who doesn't care what he says, but respects the ladies. He can do a lot of things, from fighting to giving advice. A perfect candidate for San D'ma Shadar. Uno Nomesta watch out, he could be the next big thing to enter S.D.S.