A Crown of Swords: Chapter 6

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Wolf Chapter Icon.png

Old Fear and New Fear

Chapter Icon: A Wolf

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: The Sun Palace, Cairhien

Characters: Dobraine, Faile, Perrin, Rand


Perrin and Faile argue. He refuses to lead the army to Illian.


Rand leaves before Perrin and Faile can follow. Dobraine and Faile talk. She implies that it would be better if Colavaere was killed, but he says that he will not violate the oaths he has sworn. Later, when Perrin and Faile are alone, she rounds on him for asking about Berelain before her despite the fact that he was asking for information from her thief-catchers. She tells him that Berelain had a rumor spread that he had left Faile and she was "keeping" him. All this makes him angry and he starts shouting at her, which strangely excites her. Rand walks in without knocking and disrupts their intimate moment. He asks Perrin to command the army against Illian, but Perrin refuses by saying that he is not a general. Again, he confronts Rand about the Aes Sedai issue. Rand tells him that if he won't lead the army, then he will find him something else to do.

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