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Aes Sedai are an organization made up of only women, who are able to wield the One Power. "Aes Sedai" in the Old Tongue means "Servant of All."

The Aes Sedai are bound by three Oaths, promises made by them to end Arthur Hawkwing's siege of the White Tower. The three Oaths cannot be broken, the Aes Sedai are bound to them by a ter'angreal called the Oath Rod.

The three Oaths, binding each Aes Sedai to their exact verbiage, are as follows:

  1. To speak no word that is not true.
  2. To make no weapon with which one person may kill another.
  3. Never to use the One Power as a weapon, except in the last extreme defense of her life, or the life of her Warder, or another Aes Sedai.

An Aes Sedai cannot lie, but they also might not be telling the truth that one thinks they hear.

Normal people believe Aes Sedai to be a special type of people and are usually surprised by how normal they look.



The Aes Sedai call each other “Sisters.” They are however split into seven different groups, called Ajahs. Each of the Ajahs has its own purpose and is chosen by the woman once she is ready to attain the title of Aes Sedai.

The seven ajahs and their purposes are as follows:

  • The Blue Ajah
  • The Brown Ajah
  • The Gray Ajah
  • The Green Ajah
  • The Red Ajah
  • The White Ajah
  • The Yellow Ajah

The Amyrlin Seat

The structure of the Aes Sedai places one woman, the Amyrlin Seat, at their head. The Amyrlin Seat can make decisions and place judgments on the Aes Sedai themselves, or on men who have channeled the male half of the One Power.

The Hall of the Tower

The Amyrlin is advised also by the Hall of the Tower.


"Aes Sedai do not fight wars, they pull the strings of the world from their White Tower." Tam al'Thor