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Author: Sailea Nerid

20151209 Happy-Year zpsftwo5lmr.jpg

At the end of the year 2015 we are looking behind us, hoping that in 2016 we won’t face the problems we came across during the last twelve months. You may have noticed the thread, where we asked you about all the good things that happened to you. Our aim is to start the new year with happy thoughts and help you realize and appreciate the precious moments that are sometimes lost among the everyday big and small problems. I would like to thank the people who took the time to fill in our survey and decided to share with us their joys and well-being. I organized the happy events in some subcategories.

Let’s start with Family and Relationships. Samarasin Tavaral got married in October and got a new cat in January – a lot of changes but we wish her happy family life with both her new cat and new husband. Siera al'Cere Sedai also got a new pet – an adorable puppy, named Ally. She also shares with us she separated with her boyfriend which helped them rediscover each other and be much happier. Now this is a lesson well learned. Leira Galene Sedai also shared some exciting news – namely her engagement. Our own Editor, Maibella Rhoiden Sedai tells us she went through some hard times separating with her husband but eventually she ‘found peace and joy and contentment that’ she ‘never new she was missing.' We wish her to remain as courageous and decisive. Kassina Tendar Sedai shares with us that she found a great person at her local board game group who became her boyfriend. We wish them a lot of happiness and fun playing the games they both like. Alyssa Letherio Sedai announced her first pregnancy. We can’t wait to welcome the newest Tower baby. Our Amyrlin also participated in the survey and shared with us she got to spend a weekend with her family during the summer. Of course we can’t miss Karassa Souladrin Sedai'sand Alcyon Devrix Gaidin's engagement. We wish them tons of happiness.

Another category of good things that happened in 2015 relates to our members’ Home and their Trips away from it. Our former Editor, Jeffan Caliarthan, moved out of his house and shares his life with some roommates and his newly acquired independence and personal space. Elyss Koh'inor also has some exciting news – she signed up for travel to France next summer, we are sure she will simply fall in love with its beauty and historical places. Narysse a'Jahar Sedai started moving into a new house. Alyssa Letherio Sedai finished renovating her house, preparing it for her newest family member. The Amyrlin got to enjoy Fall Ball in Minnesota and fun birthday with her Rum Sisters in Atlanta. Now she is everywhere, isn’t she? Kassina Tendar Sedai got to live in France, teaching there, and she is very happy that she is finally home, in the USA, and surrounded by a number of new friends.

The third category relates to Personal Achievements related to our members’ health (both physical and mental), their progress as individuals and decisions that they made because they love themselves. Siera al'Cere Sedai got into healthy eating and fitness. Way to go, young lady! Leira Galene Sedai went to a Capitals hockey game and cut off all of her hair, looking stunning now. ^^ Cahalan Sothron found out she didn’t have cancer and even when falling inwardly, she could stand there for her friends. Those are both fantastic news. Elyss Koh'inor finished the first draft of her third novel. We are sure this young author has a bright future ahead of her. Alyssa Letherio Sedai finally got her first tattoo after changing the design for three years. The Amyrlin started a therapy and we wish her to enjoy the feeling of getting better and better. Narysse a'Jahar Sedai spent the first 6 months of the year doing archaeology field work with an indigenous tribe that made her realize some important things about herself.

Our members have some news regarding their Work and Education too. Jeffan Caliarthan started a fantastic new job with quite good opportunities for professional growth. Siera al'Cere Sedai also started a new job in her field, a second one. We hope she can multitask. ;) Leira Galene Sedai passed her extremely hard PhD qualifying exam and got to work for…NASA for a couple of months. A true Brown! Elyss Koh'inor earned her second degree black belt, began taking college courses, and started her first job. Alyssa Letherio Sedai stood up for herself at work and got a raise plus a nice company car. Yes, a true lawyer this one is! Narysse a'Jahar Sedai ‘got two seasons of an archaeology field school under her belt’ and completed an interview process for volunteer work at a nature center where she can enjoy her favourite thing – studying humans interacting with wildness. Kassina Tendar Sedai got e temporary job position in the field she wants to work in. We wish her this being the first of many opportunities. Bryher al'Venna shares with us she earned a 4.0 in her classes all year!

The final category contains the good things that happened to our members and that are related to the Tower. Leira Galene Sedai shares she is quite happy she was raised to Brown in 2015. Both Cahalan Sothron and Elyss Koh'inor consider finding TarValon.Net as a happy moment in their lives. We are very glad you found us too, ladies! Bryher al'Venna is happy she found her new home in the Blue Ajah. Surprisingly the Amyrlin Seat is happy for being raised as such in Georgia this year. ;)

These were the joyful events our members decided to share with you all. I hope their happiness made you smile. What a great way to start the new year!

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