Avatar Makeover

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Author: Theolyn Maryash

20151222 Avatar-Makeover zpssiy3hhu4.jpg

The Tar Valon Times team have had a new task on their minds during the past month. They observed, took notes, observed some more, until finally one person caught their attention. With a collective grin, they were ready to act.

A makeover could begin.

We have seen her around with a dreamy expression on her face, eyes closed as she seemingly enjoyed the scent of the delicate flower between her fingers.

Katherine Sedai BEFORE.jpg

She used to be all about matters of the heart, but as of late more and more seems to be going on in that red head of hers.

We tried to bring this change to the surface with a few creative tweaks. Ladies and gentlemen of TarValon.Net, we present you Katherine Avery, as seen through our eyes:

Avatarmakeover1 copy by theolyn-d9ltjez.png

Like what you see? Curious as to what your avatar would look like after a makeover? Want to give the artist a headache? Leave a comment under this article and your avatar might be the next one to get a makeover!