Covarla Baldene

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Author: Leora Oldessroth


Covarla Baldene is an Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah (ACoS, Ch. 32).

She has pale hair (ACoS, Ch. 32). She has worn the shawl as long as Elaida has been alive (ACoS, Ch. 32). She is strong enough to Travel (TGS, Ch. 13).


  • Covarla approaches Elaida in secret to inform her of the failure to capture Rand and what happened at Dumai's Wells (ACoS, Ch. 32).


"You will leave the city as circumspectly as you entered, daughter, and keep yourself and the others hidden in one of the villages beyond the bridge towns until I send for you. Dorlan will do nicely." They would have to sleep in barns in that tiny hamlet, which had no inn; the least their bungling deserved. "Go, now. And pray that someone above you does arrive soon. The Hall will demand amends for this unparalleled catastrophe, and at the moment, it seems you stand highest among those at fault." (Elaida to Covarla; A Crown of Swords, Chapter 32)

"Your impudence seems to grow by the day child. Perhaps you need to be removed and a more suitable replacement raised to captain that group." (To Gawyn, about the Younglings; The Gathering Storm, Chapter 13)