Culhan Carand

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Culhan Carand is an Andoran noble. He is married to Aemlyn Carand, the High Seat of House Carand (LoC, Ch. 28).

He has a square face (TPoD, Ch. 17).

Aemlyn and Culhan are almost as powerful as Pelivar (LoC, Ch. 28).


  • Arathelle speaks for the Andorans, telling Egwene and the Sitters that they are there to make sure that there is not a war between Aes Sedai on Andoran soil. Culhan nods in agreement with Pelivar when he tells Egwene that he would rather die defending his lands and people there than where his lands and people will die as well (TPoD, Ch. 17).
  • Birgitte tells Elayne that Aemlyn crossed the border between Murandy and Andor four days ago. It can be assumed that Culhan is with her (CoT, Ch. 14).
  • Aemlyn enters the Palace to ask for a truce with Elayne while they deal with the Borderlanders. After Abelle and Luan declare their support for Elayne as well, Dyelin manages to convince Aemlyn, Arathelle, and Pelivar to join them. They remain to dine with Elayne. It can be assumed Culhan is still with her (KoD, Ch. 35).


  • Egwene thinks to herself that while Arathelle and Aemlyn hold more power than most of the men, it is Pelivar and Culhan who ride with the soldiers; she wonders what the men think of their "agreement", where the Salidar Aes Sedai will stay put for a month and then leave Murandy and not bother Andor (TPoD, Ch. 17).