December Wrap Up

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Author: Alyccea Nymaessene

TVT 5-2015 header-1.png

As 2015 draws to a close, we bring you the final wrap up of the year. Although the holiday season is in full swing, December has nonetheless been a busy month here at TarValon.Net.

14 December: Chaelca Trevelyan raised to Novice
16 December: Ashara Koh’inor and Elyss Koh’inor raised to Accepted

14 December: Forum Moderators are required for the following forums (accepting applications until 5 Jan. 2016):

  • General Forum and Frivolous Fun
  • Current Events
  • Gaming, Tech Talk, Fine Arts and Literary Pursuits, and Hand Crafts
  • Education and Employment, Home and Health, Entertainment, and Sports Fanatics
  • Olde Warder and Hen
  • Book Discussion forums

1 December: Eniara Kisharad of the Brown Ajah announced as new Events Historian
2 December: Mendo Kath of the Blue Ajah announced as new Director of Technology, replacing Erin al’Denael of the Blue Ajah
3 December: Kassidy Rose DaiShan of the Green Ajah announced as new Mayor of Tar Valon, replacing Citizen Mayor Zandera Summers
In December, the Tar Valon Times also welcomed Deleios Cherchenuit of Dai M’Hael, Accepted Elyss Koh’inor, Theolyn Maryash of the Red Ajah, and Ty al’Djinn of San d'ma Shadar to our team of Reporters.

3 December: Alternate Anni 2016 location proposed at the GlenMorey Country House, Placerville, California
11 December: Anni 2016 registration opened

Feast of Lights continues (23 Nov. 2015 - 3 Jan. 2016)

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