Deepe Bhadar

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Unless stated otherwise, all information herein is taken from Towers of Midnight, Chapter 28.

Deepe Bhadar is an Andoran Asha'man loyal to Rand who helped Rodel Ituralde defend Saldaea against Trolloc incursion. He was the one of the only three full Asha'man of the men Rand sent and was the senior of those. Rodel tells him that if the city falls, he should take the Asha'man and flee. When the city wall is destroyed by rogue channelers, Deepe is injured and loses a leg, but is Healed by Antail (ToM, Ch. 28). He fights with Lan's group during the Last Battle and is killed by Taim (AMoL, Ch. 16)


"They are not Asha'man." (About the rogue channellers in Saldaea, (Towers of Midnight, Chapter 28)