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The department was formed after the 2009 Admin Meeting.
TarValon.Net had always had a philanthropic angle, and had worked as a community towards promoting and organizing real life charity activities. Following the success of the Feast of Lights drive/auction done in conjunction with Brandon Sanderson and the Robert Jordan Estate, it was decided to make a real commitment to philanthropy and create a whole department dedicated to making this aspect of our community grow and flourish.
The duties of this Department included all our site-internal fundraising efforts and member assistance projects in addition to heading up drives and other activities to benefit worthy organizations around the world.

The Department of Philanthropy sought to lead members of TarValon.Net and the greater Wheel of Time community in philanthropic activities, in an effort to inspire everyone to truly become "Servants of All."

After the 2011 Admin Meeting this department was renamed and restructured into the Department of Community Outreach.

Positions in the Department of Philanthropy

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Projects Undertaken

  • Annual site fundraiser
  • Servant of All program
  • Book drives, davacole auctions and other efforts at real life events
  • Annual Feast of Lights drive
  • Helping Hands program
  • Member emergency assistance
  • Annual Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship
  • Hosting fundraisers in conjunction with Brandon Sanderson and the Robert Jordan Estate to get the entire Wheel of Time community involved