Feast of Lights 2020 - Blue/Red GCH Causes & FoL Wrap Up

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Author: Aleita Taviah and Atane Valthon
Published: January 20 2021 Tar Valon Times Blog Link

This is the final part of our Feast of Lights 2020 series for The Great Charity Hunt! The causes chosen by our groups are all so deserving and we look forward to not only helping each of the causes but also raising awareness within and around our community. Keep reading to the end of this post for links to all the useful resources and information threads for The Great Charity Hunt and each of the chosen causes.

The Red & Blue Ajah Cause – Support of Animals

The collaboration between the Blues and the Reds focuses on the support of animals, both domestic and wild, as well as their environment. This particular focus brings together the interests of many members of these two groups and also is broad enough for a variety of ways in which this cause may be supported, both globally and locally.

Some of the more local organizations that may appreciate support are individual humane societies and animal rescue groups, helping owners in economic hardship maintain their animals, and financially contributing to or volunteering at wildlife sanctuaries. Organizations have a more global focus include the World Wildlife Fund (the original WWF), ANCCOB Saves Seabirds, APOPO and their HeroRats, as well as the Animal Welfare Institute. Granted, these are not the only organizations or ways in which we can work to support animals and their environment, and the Blues and the Reds are excited to see the possibilities that are realized throughout the year.

Feast of Lights 2020 Wrap Up

Ways to Contribute

  • Donations (time, money or items)
  • Organising Group Contributions (If you are unable to contribute yourself as an individual perhaps you can organise contributions from your group and/or beyond.)
  • Raising Awareness (Another option if you’re unable to contribute on an individual level, perhaps you can raise awareness among those who can.)

Don’t forget the wonderful graphics to help increase awareness about The Great Charity Hunt!

Causes, Tracking, and Resources

For more information about the causes our community has chosen to help as part of The Great Charity Hunt check out the links below!

It has been an honour for the Tar Valon Times to share and learn about all the different causes our membership have chosen to help as part of The Great Charity Hunt. If you or your group would like to share anything in the Tar Valon Times about your cause or one of the organisations you’re working with please do not hesitate to contact Aleita Taviah at editor@tarvalon.net. Best of luck, and a big thank you to all our members taking part in the Great Charity Hunt!

For more information about The Great Charity Hunt or any other Department of Community Outreach business (such as the TarValon.Net Blood Drive), please contact Erin al'Denael at outreach@tarvalon.net.