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Author: Sailea Nerid

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If we compare TarValon.Net to a city, the General forum would be the main square. I remember that when I became a Citizen, I was stunned by the many threads and lively discussions. I felt a little confused so I just started posting, finding that there were so many various topics and that I had no problem to pick some that suited me right.

One of the great things about the General forum is that everybody can find a thread they wish to contribute something to. If you feel like starting a new thread, and you just can’t find a topic that would fit in one of the other forums, General is your place. Once you enter the Tower and lose access to your beloved Olde Warder and Hen forum with all the tables you liked to sit in and share drinks with fellow enthusiasts, General is the place where you will be cheered up.

Being a spammer myself, I understand you may have the overwhelming desire to just hang out with our amazing members, and not torture your brain with serious discussions. The good news is that the General forum, just like the Room of Requirement, has a place for every taste. If you feel playful, there is a large variety of game threads in the General subforum called Frivolous Fun. You may enjoy some Word Associations, The Person Bellow Me, The Signature Before Me and many more. In Frivolous Fun you will also be able to find a spam thread, a cosy little Tavern and even some threads that appreciate the beauty of the human body (under the PG-13 restriction of course).

If you are looking for new friends you should stop by the Headquarters of the Brand of the Red Hand you will also find in… that’s right, the General forum! If you are interested in the life inside the various Ajahs, know that they always share their newsletters in the General forum, thus keeping an eye on the forum will keep you informed. If there is something very important you need to be aware of but you haven’t checked the Site Announcements forum do not panic, because it’s usually published in the General forum too.

I told you about all the fun stuff you may do in the General forum, but it’s also there in times of need. If you need help and sympathy, you can always post a thread and prepare to receive all the love and positive thoughts our community is able to give you. There is also a thread about those of us who battle with some mental issues and who are willing to share them and get an advice. If you are single and not happy about it, or quite the opposite, proud and satisfied, there is a a thread for you, where you can interact with other single people who are as cool and awesome as you are.

Finally some words about the rules. They are just like everywhere else on the boards. We all have hard days but still we should try not to be rude, and respect other people’s opinion. We also try to keep the content PG-13 so your efforts in that regard are much appreciated. The General and Frivolous Fun forums is moderated by Mejjad Martnandi and Sailea Nerid appointed as General forum moderators for the second term of 2015. We are always at your disposal if you need any additional information about the forums and their rules although I am sure you will have much more fun exploring the forums by yourself. Off you go!

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