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Author: Alyccea Nymaessene

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New Year is traditionally a time in which people evaluate themselves and their actions over the past twelve months, and make self-improvement resolutions the upcoming year. For many, one of their main goals involves improving their health and fitness.

If you are anything like these folk, you’re in luck! TarValon.Net has a whole forum devoted to health and fitness discussions, and it’s active all year ‘round - which is great for helping you keep up your motivation after the excitement of the New Year is over!

Do you have a target weight you’re trying to get back to after the holidays (and let’s be honest, this is often a goal for many of us at this time of year)? The Losing Weight thread is a great place to get support, as well as providing the opportunity to share your journey and be held accountable by your fellow members.

If you want information on nutrition, there are numerous threads discussing this very topic. Have a specific health condition you want to talk about? There are threads for several, including diabetes, celiac disease and depression.

Do you like to run? There’s a whole thread for that (in fact, it’s one of the most active in the forum). There, you’ll find other members discussing all kinds of running - from trail running, to marathons, and everything in between. There’s even discussion of apps like “Zombies, Run!” to help keep you motivated and entertained while you work out.

Speaking of apps, if you are looking for an app to help support you in any health or fitness goal, then check out the Favorite apps for health and fitness thread, in which several members have shared their thoughts on a range of apps - and it’s a great place to link up with fellow members, too!

Bro, do you even lift? If so, come share your achievements in the Lifting thread. If weightlifting is something you’ve never tried before, or you’re just starting out, then come see what everybody else is doing and get some support.

Have a specific health or fitness activity that you’re interested in or want to talk about? There are threads for several, such as burpees, zumba, cycling and yoga, so feel free to jump right in! If you don’t see a thread for the topic you’re interested in, then start one!

And don’t forget to check out the Fitness Humor/Motivation thread, where members share images and gifs that inspire them or give them a chuckle.

So if you need some help sticking to your health and fitness goals in 2016, or just want to talk about your own personal health or fitness activities, the Health and Fitness forum is definitely the place to be!

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