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Author: Sailea Nerid

TVT Forum Focus.jpg

What’s the first place you should visit once you join TarValon.Net? Elementary, my dear reader, it’s the Introductions forum. It’s a fairly active place, because our community is famous for its hospitality and friendliness and that’s the place where we can properly greet and meet for the first time the new members.

Creating a new thread is quite an experience. I spent half an hour working on mine because I wanted to make a good impression. Of course it turned out it didn’t matter since people welcomed me with open arms. But for those new members who have troubles finding inspiration, the Mayor helpfully suggests some questions the answers to which will help us know the person better.

The Introductions forum offers not only a chance the new members to introduce themselves but it also provides vital information that aims to assist the newbies finding their way around the boards and making new friends. The New / Need Help? Check this Friendly Face/Language Buddies Thread! is a place where the new members can become familiar with the Welcoming Committee, the Friendly Faces Team and the Language Buddies who have one thing in common – they are always ready to help the newcomers and enjoy replying their Visitor/Personal Messages.

The Introductions forum offers its visitors a chance to look at the City Hall and be updated about everything new that’s happening in the mighty city of Tar Valon. The How to Become a Full Member Thread contains all the information one may need in order to become a Citizen. Reading it you may come across one of the conditions, namely the 25 posts threshold the new members need to pass in order to apply for Citizenship. No worries! The Introductions forum is a place you can easily achieve this goal. The Bonfire Thread is a nice cozy place where you can have some pleasant conversations around the raging fire and, before you know it, you will have much more than 25 posts.

TarValon.Net is a dynamic community where people come and go, constantly battling with the Real Life Monster. A lot of our returning members stop in the Introductions forum in order to reintroduce themselves, notify their old friends they had returned and make some new ones.

To sum up, Introductions is a merry and very busy place where you can meet a lot of people and welcome your potential future Brothers/Sisters. The people in charge of moderating this important part of TarValon.Net are the Mayor and the Welcoming Committee who currently are Zandera Sommers (Mayor), Luna Morn, Anarie De'Thain, Raena Tigana, Ashara Koh'inor, Theolyn Maryash, Cold Manshima, Mychael Ritoryn and Loraella Melodie.

Welcome all the people!

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