How Wheel of Time Affected My Life

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Jalen te'Kreg

Qualities that reading the series made me think long and hard on... Bravery. Courage. Loyalty. Love. Duty. Honor. I am a much better man due to the Wheel of Time, and Robert Jordan.

Rafka al'Aevon

The books were something that my daughter and I could share and not feel as if I was trying to be a teenager. I never met the man but he seems to have been held in a great deal of esteem. For that I offer my condolences to all. Remember the good. I am glad that the series will be finished, what a legacy that will be.

Calypsa al'Nicolai

I began reading the WoT when I was 18 or 19 years old. Without the WoT series, I would never have met the amazing people that I have and found so many friends. I would never have met my sister... The Wheel of Time has opened up so many doors to me. I am so grateful to RJ for bringing this wonderful series into my life.


It is partially Robert Jordan's fault that I write my own crazy stories... My good friends are here... and here would not exist without our RJ. Because of these books my mother and I have something we can share... and that would be enough for me... but he's given me a secondary family in the Tower who I know will help me through this... His books have inspired me to be a strong woman as much as I can... and from them I've learned to show a little bosom. I look down at the snake around my finger, or the fringe on my shawl... and I just can't help but feel like I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. I know that I've earned these things, and they mean something special to me. It's a strong feeling that I would never have had without Robert Jordan's stories. I can't put into words how he's helped me... helped me escape my reality and go some place beautiful. I'm glad he gave me that wonderful escape. The Wheel of Time.... it's.... just..... helped me.... in ways I cant begin to describe ....

D'Ran al'Fir

I must say that I have RJ to thank for much of how I view the world, because without him I would never have been able to meet the people I've met and spoken to those I've spoken to. His books really struck a chord deep in me. All I can say in rememberance of him is, "Thank you."

Darian Coralis

He saved my life with these books. I was so down that it didn't matter. But these were the 1st books I ever read in the fantasy genre. He taught me loyalty, honor, respect, to never give up no matter how bad things get.


I started reading the Wheel of Time when I was eleven years old. I'm now twenty-four. That means I've been involved with this series for over half my life. Longer than I've lived in my current state, longer than I've known my husband. In fact, I told my husband that I wouldn't marry him if he didn't read, and enjoy, Jordan's series. Rather than playing at being princesses or fairies, my younger sisters and I used to play at being Aes Sedai. Let me tell you, it quite confused my grandmother when we got into some of her old shawls! Once, we even made my youngest sister sit in a dark room for ten minutes to 'pass her test for Accepted'. I told that story to RJ and Harriet at Dragon*Con a few years ago, and I'll never forget how Mr. Rigney laughed. I was fourteen when I first encountered WoT fandom on the internet. Four years ago, I joined, and have been inspired by the relationships I have here. Robert Jordan has brought into my life a First-Sister, two wonderful Warders, and literally more friends than I can count. I have been inspired by his White Tower and the ideals of an Aes Sedai. I try to live my life as an Aes Sedai should, with a heart toward service. Thank you, Mr. Rigney, for the wonderful world you created for us to play in. May the Creator's hand shelter you

Twibli Abaru

I can't put it into words right now, so great is the loss to those who knew and loved him through his extraordinary books and the world he created. Simply, for now, thank you RJ. You are well loved. My condolences to his family and friends.

Dorelei Verreuil

I was brought unwilling to the world of WoT. However, Robert Jordan's talent for spinning a detailed story drew me in and I've been hooked ever since. In the course of reading the novels, I've found that I relate to the messages of perseverance and dedication. They've motivated me to incorporate those values in my life. WoT has also given me some of the deepest, most meaningful friendships I've ever had. Through my addiction, I've found this awesome community and have met the biggest, most caring bunch of people ever. The phrase "Thank You" doesn't even begin to cover it.

Adriana al'Tere

I have found my dearest friends here. I found a group of women I identify with here. I found myself here. When I first joined this site, I was quiet. I stayed in the background by choice. I didn't want to stand out or be noticed. Those of you who have met me in the last year or so think that odd...and those who met me before know how different I am. I wouldn't have become the woman I am today without the friends I met here. Ultimately, Robert Jordan is responsible for that change. What can I say about a man who changed my life? What can I say about a man who indirectly showed me who I am? I have to echo D'Ran and say "Thank you." It is the only thing that will suffice.


I first picked up the books ten years ago, and the WoT series is one of very few things my father and I can talk about without getting into a yelling match since he's read them as well. So for that, I will always be grateful. I've read the books so many times that my paperback copies are falling apart, and I think after reading someone's work for so long, you get a "feel" for that person. Like you know them, even if you've never met them. He will dearly be missed.


Thanks to RJ I now make 2 trips every year. One to Atlanta and one to some undisclosed location that is revealed a couple of months before spring break. All in order to see friends I wouldn't have even known if I never had read the series.

Eireann Namar

Without having ever read WoT and finding this site, I never would have met all of my close friends here. I would not have ever gone to Dragon*Con. I would not travel as much as I do now. And I would never have met my boyfriend, who is a member of this site. I'm incredibly grateful to RJ for giving me these things. Without them, my life would not be nearly as full as it is now.


I've been reading the WoT nonstop since I first read the first book, six years ago now. It has been a rock to lean on while I myself have suffered from illness. Sometimes when I have not been capable of seeing a single friend in six months--when I have been incapable of so much as talking online. It has made me realize that what I want to do with my life is write. It has changed me in more ways than I can count. I wish I would've had a chance to thank him in person, but I say thank you now. If I ever get the chance, I will dedicate a story to him.

Lexiant A'Marie

His books gave me the escape my mind needed in a bad time, and led me, ultimately, to people I think of as family. So much good has been brought into my life because of his books, I could never thank him enough. I only wish that I had gotten the chance to meet him.

Toral Gaidin

I met my fiancee due to the books and moved to America

Lyinar Seregon

Even before I met any of you, before I had even gotten past book four, these words literally saved my life, by serving as a focus for my strength so that I could survive against a very deep depression. "'Till shade is gone, 'till water is gone, into the Shadow with teeth bared, screaming defiance with the last breath, to spit in Sightblinder's eye on the Last Day." Not only did the Wheel of Time bring me together with friends like you, it helped me survive long enough to find you.

Stasia t'Andrei

Because of those books, I have had the chance to read an incredible work of art, and have met friends I will have for the rest of my life. Thank you doesn't cover what I want to say.

Riley Maconnar

I picked up the first book in a bookstore in a mall in Phoenix because I had forgotten the book I was reading at the time. that was over 12 years ago. Now I've got some of the best friends I've ever had in my life.

Madelaine Vitalia

Wheel of Time has served as an inspiration for me since a friend in college first loaned me a copy of The Eye of the World. It has helped me understand myself through its characters. It has been my stress relief, a means for me to escape for a time to a world where anything is possible. Most importantly, it brought me here to Tar Valon. Of all the things WoT has done for me, that is the best one. Here, I have found a supporting community, friends and sisters who care for me and a sense of truly being wanted. For that, I thank RJ to the depths of my heart.

Ne'Mireth Sedai

I was very unhappy when I first started reading the books... I was in a failing marriage and I forgot that things like true love and honor existed in the world. Then I read the books. And as I read, I thought, "Wow. One who wrote these could not have simply imagined the concepts portrayed in these books, he must have known the values." So, you see, for me Jordan restored the faith in humanity, in love, in desire to try again. The books became my ever consuming source of joy and inspiration. I joined the site shortly after. I meet a lot of wonderful people. I met Greg. I am sitting here, not quite able to believe how deeply this has affected me. I am actually crying and shocked that I am. I woke up today early in the morning, because I could not breathe. Later I told Toral that last time this happened a person I was closely related to died. I hoped that this was not the case... It was and... I... am heartbroken over it. A great man died today. We will be having a moment of silence at our wedding to honor his memory. Rest in peace, Creator, know you've done well.

Tinnlin Fundon

I first started reading the WoT back in 1997. I never knew at the time what a great impact it would have on my life. Nor did I know how great this site would impact my life. Thank you Robert Jordan for your work that you dedicated your life too. We love and miss you very much.


My father handed me Eye of the World after I had finished Lord of the Rings. Thinking nothing could top LOTR, I was pleasently suprised to say the least at the end of EotW. It was Robert Jordan who really affirmed my love for reading. It was also he who truely inspired me to write myself. He has truely touched my life in a way that no one else has or ever will. Myself, along with my dad who's a huge WoT fan in his own right, were utterly shocked to learn of his passing. Our prayers go out to him and his family.


One day, I walked into a discount bookstore where I encountered a hardcover copy of The Fires of Heaven for just a few dollars. I bought it, not realizing at the time how important it was to read the series from the beginning... I definitely loved Jordan's world. Some years later, I needed something to read - I had just finished the second book in the latest Dragonlance trilogy and the third was not to be released for several months. I had constantly remembered that copy of TFoH lingering on the shelf and I decided I would read this truly wonderful series that Jordan has woven for us, so I collected the rest of the books and began to read, and this time I was truly sucked into the series. I sometimes identify with the Wheel of Time characters in some ways - both the good and the evil ones at times. Perhaps feeling things in common with some of the Darkfriends or Forsaken though has helped me, as at those times I realized that I was slipping into a path I did not want to be on ... But most of all, a little less than a year and a half ago, I was looking for a new community to belong to on the Internet - someplace where I would feel like I truly belonged. And so I found Tar Valon ... and over the many months afterwards I've come to feel that I've really found a home. I still have my difficulties at times, but I feel in general like I've become a better person thanks to Tar Valon and the Wheel of Time. We will miss you, Robert Jordan. We thank you for the legacy you have left us in the form of these twelve books. May the Light watch over you.

Jaydena Mckanthur

When I got sick with cancer and all I could think about was surviving, I picked the books up and I read farther into the series, it helped me survive, in my head I was a Green Sister and I was a fighter. I know I probably would have survived the cancer without RJ but it would have been a lot more boring. Because of RJ I met people that I now call my Sisters, Brothers, Gaidin/Gaidar, I wouldn't be the same without them or him.

Allin Sha'Maer

I can't imagine what my life would be like today if I had never read WoT and consequently found this community. Thank you, RJ. You did a lot for me.

Atane Valthon

A thank you seems so little compared to what he did for us. I as well wouldn't know the magnificent friends that I have here. All of us have met, online (some I've met in person ) and gotten very close to. None of us would be who we are without him. I remember that I started the books 8 years ago and thankfully found this site 3 years later. RJ, you've done more for us than you could ever know.

Lyara Tieran

I have my dearest frined in the world on here. Tsu, without RJ we wouldn't have met, sister.

Tsubasa Kamui

My life would have been so much more dull and sad. His books brought me to They brought me to some of the most important people in my life next to my mother and brother. Through Jordan's books I found a sister, and so many friends. I found the series only a year ago, but I devoured the books and hunted down people who I could talk to about the series. Living in Japan was lonely, terribly lonely, where I had few friends I could talk to, and even those friends I had didn't share the same interestes as I was never really close to them like those who I found on this site. Robert Jordan brought to me happiness and family. He allowed me to use my imagination and critical thinking skills while reading the books. I could never begin to say thanks enough to the wonderful author and fantastic man. He will be missed. Robert Jordan, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet these wonderful people who bring such light in my life.

Asalyn al' Morin

I started reading WoT when I was 17 and living in Germany. Robert Jordan's amazing imagination, and ability to take words and create a dynamic story, has brought me so much in my life. I have my Mother, my brothers and sisters, my Ajah. I have the love of my life. I have a deeper understanding of the lives and dreams of my sisters and brothers. I have seen them get married and have children, seen them make life altering decisions, seen them become the best of friends. Hundreds of people, who without RJ, would never have known the others existed. A single thought, became a sentence, which became a paragraph, which became a chapter, which became a novel, which became a series, which brought together two women as the first Aes Sedai, who then built our community, and brought us all together as a common group, which we all stand here today, each in our own home, in our own city, in our own country, but as one, united, as a family, the Children of Robert Jordan. The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills. A New Age has begun.


I can't even begin to say how much he changed my life. I've been reading WoT since first year highschool, and its now like 13 years later. Over half my life. Reading his books made me the man I am today, pure and simple. I've no idea how many times I read them in highschool, dozens maybe, it seemed I would get to the end, and go straight back the beginning and start again. Growing up with WoT through high school had so much to do with the development of my personality its literally impossible to say how big an effect it was. I've met so many of you, and travelled around the world staying at your houses. Changed my life, no two ways about it.

Mazarin Ashinar

I certainly would not be the person I am today if it wasn't for the Wheel of Time. I keep trying to write something down to quantify this, but nothing I can write can quite put it right. There are so many of my friends that I would never have met..Would never have had my life changed by..if it wasn't for RJ. I am incredibly grateful for him and his work for more than just an excellent book series.

Dee arEmm

My brother Oddey started reading them while he was was in military in 1999. I startted reading them (and finished book9) in four months time in 2001, then joined up here at I've met my fiance through I've moved countries, from Norway to England. The Wheel of Time has made a huge impact on my life

Roywyn Kitarama

I meet most of my greatest friends here, i met the person i now call my sister here... I came here during a hard time in my life, and remained here through even tougher times... not everyone knew what was going on with me, infact, i dont think very many people know the whole story. But i had people here, who i knew i would care and would be there for me if i needed them, and that made all the difference in my life, the choices i made, and where i am going now. I wouldnt be at all the same person without WoT, and without this wonderful place that Robert Jordan made possible.

Maran Damastes

I picked up the Eye of the World one lunch time in Waterstones because I'd read everything else they had. I'd not heard of the series, nor ever planned to read it. It totally changed my life. Now I am in love and getting married to a wonderful man whom I never would have met. My best friends I met in the Tavern. I live with my very good friend Lifa who I also would never have known. Thank you RJ. Rest in Peace and thanks for the Memories.

Marra Madore

My stepmother introduced me to WoT...I don't really remember when, but it was a long time ago now. Back when there were only a couple of the books out anyway. I was at the TN party and then later at Vegas, which is where I met my husband. So really, I can attribute my family to him, because if it wasn't for all of that I wouldn't have my husband or our daughter.

Jaim al'Bearach

Many years ago I was browsing through a second hand bookshop in the UK looking for some books to read. I had been in the UK for several months doing some work experience for uni, and was due to head home soon after. So I wanted to stock up on things to read when I got back to the Netherlands. I found the first 5 books in the store for the amazing price of 10 pounds. I bought them thinking it was a complete set... and didn't really think about it much other than that it was a good deal. Fast forward several years. I'm now living in the USA, married to my wife Lireina and have a baby on the way, due this February. None of this would have happened if I hadn't picked up those books for that tenner back then. I can truly say that it's the best tenner I've ever spent. So I thank RJ for creating the world in the books and because of those books TV.Net for being here and bringing me many many friends all around the world and also for my wife who I would otherwise not have met.

Kitan Tataru

Without WoT I never would have discovered this site and made friends for life. I never would have traveled to Corpus Christi, Toronto, Colorado and Napa. I never would have been Aes Sedai and I wouldn't be wearing my Great Serpent ring right now. Tar Valon has definitely made me who I am today and the Wheel of Time has taught me many lessons. I have found sisters and brothers in the Green Ajah and in the Aes Sedai and Gaidin. WoT has given me so, so much. It has truly changed my life for the better. I will never, ever be the same.


When I first read the Eye of the World I was (effectively) dead. By the time I'd finished the series, I was alive again. I owe RJ so much I could never have repaid him. I am so greatful for the series and for being part of the communities he helped build. May his memory live forever

Morwynna Raevyn

If it wasn't for RJ I'd never have made the best group of friends I've ever had. I wouldn't have my second family in the Red Ajah and I most certainly wouldn't be engaged to Doc, the most wonderful man I've ever met. This series of books has definitely changed my life and I'll never have the opportunity now to say thank you.

Sayerin Assnobahr

I've been living with it 16 years already. It so much changed my life, gave me different strength and I met a lot of wonderful people. Thank you, RJ, for all this... you will live in my heart always!!

Emp Orer

I discovered WOT in college, through WOT I have met some of my best friends and just a few months ago married someone I knew through the WOT community. So WOT has had a very strong impact on my life.


Wot came into my life almost 9 years ago. At the time I was just starting high school. I went head first into the first book and haven't come out yet. This series has stuck with me through those 9 years. I have read it several times over and I'm going to start it again. If I wouldn't have found Wot, I would never have found the life, friends and love that I have today. It brought me to this place almost 2 years ago. Since then, I have found close friends, that I have met and have yet to meet. I had people to help me through my hardest times in life. I have my Sisters who truly feel like Sisters to me, though I have never had biological sisters. I have the love of my life and my bond mate, Roland. If I had never found these books, I would have never found him. I would have never moved to Canada and would have never found my greatest happiness. Robert Jordan, you have made so many people happy, and helped them find things in life that we wouldn't have had without your creativity. I, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart and every fiber of my being. You truly are a great person and will be sorely missed. May you find the Light and the Creator hold you dearly.

Kyla Sterling

I started reading the series so I would have something to talk to that cute boy in my h.s. French class about. Eight years later, Mr. Rigney has taught me about self-confidence when others mistrust and dislike you. His stories have given me a sister and two men who I am proud to call Warder. Part of the reason this has affected me so deeply is because I have no idea what my life would be like without the Wheel of Time, but I know it would be a poor one. Friends have never come easily for me, but from the day I joined this site I had a dozen, and the number has only grown since then. The Wheel of Time is responsible for my social life. Hell, it IS my social life, because when I get together with Tower people, we almost always use our Tower names and have at least one discussion about the books.

Miridyth al'Landerin

All I know is that I wanted to know my sister more... so I read his books and got to know not only her, but the others on this site and began to realize what a great man he was in his works. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for letting me get closer to my sister. I don't think I could ever thank him enough. I thank my sister for letting me meet this man who affected her life so much she started a whole website. Both him and his wife are awesome people.

Jennithel al'Stregas

My husband read the series first and got me started on the books. I introduced them to my little brother and he started reading the books. Reading the books introduced me to this fabulous family. You guys supported me through the birth of my daughter. (who turned 3 this past Friday!) You helped my students connect to the world with your fabulous postcards. I express my deepest sympathies to R.J.'s family, but I beg you to see how much joy he brought to all of us and consider it a life well lived.

Magdalenna t'Zai

I began reading WoT in middle school, when I was around twelve or thirteen. It has been a part of my life for approximately ten years now. The books led me here, and I now feel like I have family all over the world. Robert Jordan not only gave me an amazing fantasy world to escape to during my tumultuous high school relationship with my mother, but he also gifted me with an entirely new family. Every time I look at my ring, I will think of him, just as I think of everyone here at TV. I will celebrate his life and his creation by being the best Servant of All that I can be.


If not for his books, i would still be living in belgium, never having known a second family which are the reds and the whole boards in general.... it is nearly silly how different my life would be if not for this site, dedicated because of what 1 man wrote.... how much impacts some words written in a book can make... RJ will forever be a part of Melvar and my life, in all we do together... thank you

Paxam Leratharn

If not for Robert Jordan's books, I'd never have joined this site or -- as a result of that -- met the love of my life. I can't imagine what my world would have been like if it weren't for his impact on it, and though I never met him he's had a greater effect on my life than many people. Rest in peace, good sir.

Aria Beraht

My ENTIRE life is different because of those books. I think that's why I'm so sad. I never got to thank him.

Nyarin al'Batera

I am really sad I never got to thank RJ for the amazing books he wrote, and the inspiration they gave me. I feel kind of inadequate posting here, because although the books ahve affected me in a big way, it might seem small to other people. The books have taught me the importance of duty and loyalty and honor. I try to live by the Aes Sedai creed of never speaking a false word, and the hope in those books, the faith that everything will come well because they will make it so, has inspired the same kind of hope and courage in me. This site has also affected my life in a big way. I get Christmas cards from all over the world, I know people in places I've never visited. The love and understanding and family this site is, is a lasting testament to awe-inspiring wonderfulness of one man.


This series gave me a moment where I could really enjoy another world and fantasy in general. It has been refreshing to escape the serious grown up life, to be amongst Aes Sedai and characters you know so well you are happy when they're happy and sad when they're sad. It's been wonderful to have a world to pretend that you are a part of and to bring a bit of it to the reality you live in as well. To all my friends that I have met here, I look forward to talking with you everyday and miss you when I don't get a chance to get online... ...and to a man I never knew though feel very connected to, thank you ...

Aldazar Tiarana

At the age of 13, four years ago, everyone in my class was to read a book. Norwegians are not all that good in English. I was the last one standing in the library, and suddenly I saw a snake symbol. I'd read part one of Lord of Chaos in Norwegian (I didn't like it at all, all too confusing), and I figured out that this could be interesting. So I took the book and went back to class. There everyone was staring at me. Or more at the book I was holding. How could a boy that didn't really like English read a monster book at 814 pages in 16 days? My teacher told me to find a new book, but I couldn't make myself do it. So I started reading. So I had one week to read, and I started. And it was hard. But suddenly something happened. It turned exiting! I read and read, and got to page 750 at the end of the week. Suddenly I had found a way to learn English, a way I actually liked. I returned to school as the best one of the best English speakers/writers in both class and school. And I turned even better with the series.

Ajailyn Morrivinna

When I picked up RJ's first three WoT books in the bookstore the summer of 1994, in paperback (which are now held together by cotton ponytail holders), I read them in their entirety in about two weeks. I have since then read the entire series each time a new book is published. The interactions with people online in all the communities I belong to taught me a lot about the world in which I was entering as an adult, and has helped me understand what people were going to be like, no matter what and that I couldn't change the world by making the people in it better, but by making how I deal with those people better. I inspired those still in High School not to make the mistakes I have, I encouraged friends to find happiness and I made friends that have changed my life. No matter where I go, what circle of friends I make, rp'ing an Aes Sedai, and continuing in an online community opened my eyes up to the world around me. Everywhere I go I meet someone who loves the books, while at the same time in the same group hates the books. I've learned to logically lay out arguements to theories I've suspected in the book as well as in my defense of the book as a whole. Anyone who has tried to come up with their own world, with its own customs and traditions.. has got to know what an amazing job Jordan has done. He has taught me that the imagination can take you anywhere you might want to be, and most of all it can take you right where you need to be.

Aglorianna ConDoin

I remember reading Winter's Heart when I was going through my divorce. It gave me something else to become involved with for a brief period of time and for that I was thankful. That was a very difficult time for me. I was lost and confused, I took strength from the character. I will always be grateful for that, thank you Robert Jordan.

Lyinar Seregon

I, completely at random, received a mass-mailed catalog from a place called Museum Replicas Limited. As I looked through all the hand-forged stabbities and interesting hand-made clothes offered within it, I found one page full of licensed items, weapons and jewelry that had all been approved by the author of the book series they had come from. That series was the Wheel of Time, and looking at the Aes Sedai rings, the Asha'man pins, the swords from fictional lands called Sheinar, Saldaea, and Seanchan, an axe belonging to this interestingly-described character named Perrin, and an extremely cool dagger belonging to someone called Padan Fain, and of course, the one licensed weapon they still have, the Heron Mark sword, I decided that as soon as I finished reading the Silmarillion, I would start that series. As for Museum Replicas Limited, who literally introduced me to these wonderful books, and by extension, all of you? I have repaid that debt by shopping there quite often, and I now own many weapons and several articles of clothing I bought from them, including the last Saldaean sword they ever sold, which had lain forgotten in some dark corner of their warehouse until the first of their annual clearance sales, which I happened to attend.

Melina Tashir

I started reading the book maybe two years ago or less. I become more self confident. I didn't care what people are saying about me. I tried to act like an Aes Sedai and an Aiel at the same time. I found this site and wonderful people here. And I found happines, friends, guys I love as if they are my kin and I hope to become first siblings with one day. Since that day I feel like I can do anything on this world. Robert Jordan brought my dreams back and new sense to my life. I will always thank him for that. I had really hard life with all wars around me and all family problems and everything that happened me that many people asked me how did I stay sane. The answer is: That's because of Robert Jordan and his books that gave me new sense in life. Thank you Robert Jordan I'll always miss you and love you for what you did for me and everyone else.


I started reading WoT because of an old boyfriend, who's actually still a very good friend of mine. He got me to read it right before I followed him to college. It's funny, because while I knew a few people there because of him, there really wasn't anyone I hung out with or talked to, or had all that much in common with. Then one night a girl from a group we went to, MBSF, was over at his & his roommate's room and we started talking about Halloween costumes. She mentioned she wanted to go as an Aes Sedai, but no one ever knew what that meant so she had to call herself a sorceress...from there, we became fast friends. WoT is what got me and my first-sister Eilidh talking and brought us close. She pulled me here, and even though I don't post much anymore, I still have people that mean the world to me here. Without RJ having made this wonderful series, and our Amyrlin having made this site, there's too many wonderful experiences and people that I wouldn't know. I've had people help me through some heart-wrenching times, people that I can't even imagine not knowing now. I've got a wonderful Warder, an amazing first-sister, and some amazing friends that I'd do anything for. Peace be with you, RJ, your memory will live on within memories and inspirations you never knew you gave. Thanks could never be enough.

Alyria Savoinya

I've been reading everyone's stories, and I think that one of the most important things is how much we have in common! I wasn't going to start my post this way, but I can't help it. We're all so together even when we are so far apart. I know the internet makes the world a smaller place, but it really speaks to Jordan's work when you look at and all the other WOT groups out there. It's been said, but we are a family. I used to hate Fantasy, but my then-boyfriend now-husband loved it, and convinced I should read EotW. I did, and loved it (this was two years ago). I finished all the books within a year, and promptly after reading A New Spring I started over, this time writing down everything said about every Aes Sedai. Three months ago yesterday I found this place, and realized that the Library totally beat me in Aes Sedai information. I love it here. I love WOT. I loved Robert Jordan's writing.


The WoT books have changed my life more than any other books ever have. The first forum I ever joined was a Wheel of Time RP site, Patterns of Time, run by Ninya. She introduced me to this site several years ago. Because of the books, I've met so many strong people that have changed my life and my views. I've grown up a lot, with you all. I've had people to turn to when life here wasn't great. Had I not read WoT and discovered the internet, I would never have made my own, short-lived forums, through which I met my fiance. I would never have grown close to my best friend in the world. So, thank you Robert Jordan. If I hadn't stumbled upon your books, my life would be remarkably different. Out of any books I've read, they really have had the biggest impact on my life.


My mother introduced me to the series when I was in high school. My mom had walked out on my family when I was only 5, and reading the series gave us something to share as we tried to build a relationship from scratch. For that alone I will never have the words to appropriately express my gratitude to him. But because of the series, I also found this website and the family of people within it. I've made friendships that will last forever, I've had the support of the Tower when my life was falling apart around me and I've been saved from the edge by the people here. Had he not written this series, my mother would not have introduced me to it, she and I would have never gotten to know one another, I would never have found this site and I would have never have met the group of people who saved my life. I owe so much to Robert Jordan. My life is better for having read his works. I wish with all my heart that I could express my gratitude better but I'm still at a loss for words...

Mirandha t'Bayana

Since September 1st I have been on the road. On September 8th I stood up next to and signed the marriage license of one of my best friends. Along my route back to New Jersey I stayed with 3 Tar Valon members and one Realm of Tar Valon member. None of this would have happened if it was not for this series. Because of the communities founded on the WOT series I have met people who mean more to me than the world. WOT changed the way I looked at the fantasy genre, and how I viewed series in general.


I went to the liberery to pick up a book to read on my vacation, it totaly changed my life in ways i'd never imagine. after reading the books that where out at the time i started browsing the net for more and found this site. they changed my world again. for the first time i want to a different country to see ppl from this boards, after a while i started attending RL functions and i have meet some many new friends. on one of them functions i happened to meet a very special girl. she was from belgium, but she moved over here to live with me. it is scary how much one mans ideas can affect so many ppl and all to the good ways. i can't imagine where my life should be if not for this books.


Death is as Light as a Feather; but Duty is as Heavy as a Mountain. To me those are the wisest phrase I have ever read in the WoT series. Often, as I was deployed overseas in Iraq, those words would come to me, remindind me of my duty as a sergeant to my fellow soldiers. The Wheel of Time series has been a vital part of my life ever since I read The Eye of the World in December of 1990. Like a ta'veren, the book pulled on me, and drew me into Robert Jordan's world. Unfortunately, I have never had the good fortune to get to meet James Oliver Rigney, and yet, I feel like I almost know the man through his writing, and his blogs, and through his books, the Wheel of Time. In every Wheel of Time Book, in the "About the author section," One phrase always stood out to me: "He plans to continue writing until they nail shut his coffin." When I hear from Wotmania and Dragonmount that he took the effort to dictate outlines and notes for the last book, I'm struck again at how true those words were, and what kind of man He was. To me, James Oliver Rigney is The Dragon, and he will remain Robert Jordan, The Creator.


Rest in Peace, Robert Jordan (James Rigney, Jr.) I began reading The Wheel of Time in 6th grade at the age of 11. I have loved to read my whole life, but those books moved me more than anything else I had or have since experienced. Instantly, I fell in love with the characters (mostly Rand) and world, which I yearned to be a part of. For months, every single thing I saw or heard reminded me of the series, and I would try to channel at night (being eleven years old). I dreamed of a new, romantic world and wished it could be real, even though my own life is blessedly good. I joined messageboard roleplaying sites for the series and made characters, devoting much of my seventh-grade year to writing (the times when I wasn't skiing, anyway); therefore, my vocabulary, writing, and typing skills are were greatly improved by the books. I met friends with the same book-passion as my own, and became an overall more thoughtful, dreamy person. Since then, my obsession has waned, but still I look forward to each new year with the thought that maybe it will bring with it a new book. I reread the series several times, and though I have now read much of the contemporary authors' series, tWoT is still the one that impacted me the most. I am a junior in high school, enveloped in homework and x-country running, but the books still make me smile, relaxed, to remember. Robert Jordan was an incredible writer, and his books should continue to be well-read for many years, a lasting memory of himself.

Daria al'Falcoon

How can I describe what the Wheel of Time did for me? I was 15 years old when I started reading it. At the time I was in a life of a lot of trouble... The Wheel of Time came into my life at an important juncture, and so did this website. The books gave me a better sense of honor and duty. The website gave me a place where I could run to when I needed strength. I remember times my Mom would ask what I was reading that had such a smirk on my face. I remember her actually being proud of me when I was raised to an Aes Sedai even though she didn't fully understand it. I've changed a lot from the confused, depressed, violent teenager that first joined this site. When my Mom passed away from cancer, on December 2, 2004. I had no money to my name and no way to get home for her funeral. The first person I called were people from If it wasn't for Robert Jordan and the Wheel of Time, and the many people on this site that helped me out I don't know what would of happened. I have met people who have become my dearest friends and family. I couldn't think of my life without any of them in it. For the longest time when I heard the news of RJ's passing I sat and thought of how short life is and what my life would of been like without his influence in it...Its a thought better left unentertained. Thank you Robert Jordan, for giving me the strength and convictions you passed on in your books. Thank you for my family here.

Blake Monthan

Upon sifting through the fantasy section of The American Bookstore in Brussels my eye fell on the huge pile of WoT books they had. The rest is history. His passing caught me by surprise. I was aware of his illness and still, you just keep believing it'll be alright, you know ? We should take comfort in that he is one of those men that'll never be forgotten. I'm grateful for that which he leaves behind, a story of wonders, a tale to be told for ages to come.

Rin din Kulai Dark Raven

I was a really big fantasy buff all my life but it wasn't until I got with a group of friends in high school that I was introduced to the Eye of the World and from that point I haven't been able to put the the WoT series. Never have a read a series where the characters stay vivid in my mind. You will be greatly missed Robert Jordan, you created characters and a world that are amazing.

Lascha al'Mai

These books have come to my rescue several times over the years. When I feel alone and lost friends I love and care about are only a few pages away. I have learned determination and how to be a strong independent woman from the strong women RJ created. Learned that women can be strong and feminine. May RJ Shelter in the Creaters Palm Always. Thank You is not even close to enough to say what you have given us all. My sincere condolences to his family and all his loved ones.


I just wanted to share our deepest condolences with RJ's family. However, RJ did leave a happy note with our family. I met my husband and he got me hooked into fantasy novels. Since I liked to read, this wasn't much of a problem. I had my nose in the Wheel of Time series was pregnant with our second child, and I had to spend months in the hospital with him. The Wheel of Time series got me through a lot of tough days. I'm happy to say that it kept our beautiful son with us because I was able to lean back and take care of the both of us while I traveled in RJ's world and left the stresses of mine behind for a time. Our son is a thriving pre-teen now, filled with a seemingly never ending supply of energy and life. His beautiful smile and zest for life is wonderful to see. Thank you, beyond words, for helping me keep our son safe, healthy and with us.

Keara Careen

Robert Jordan created a world that I became absorbed with and a series that inspired me to write and continue reading throughout middle school and high school. The influence of his books affected me even in university, and of course, most importantly caused me to join this website, where I have forged so many meaningful friendships. Robert Jordan touched more lives that I'm sure he was aware, and the news of his death shocked and saddened me. May his memory and legacy continue through the stories he's told.

Jana Baern

The Wheel of Time has changed my life, like so many other people on this site. I have a better sense of duty and honor, but I also learned that you don't always have to be hard and strong, that its ok if you just cry once in a while. It has made me a better person because I've learned so many things from these books.


I lucked out and didn't get introduced to the WOT series until book 9. So I was able to read from 1 - 9 without waiting for the next book. What a wild ride! Then when New Spring came out I had the honor of meeting Jim at Comic Con, and then had him sign my New Spring book at a book store signing months later. The characters in the book became instant family. I have a fond memory of reading for hours and hours and having a honey lager beer on the weekend because it was (in my mind) close to mead. lol My life and my family's lives have been impacted greatly by the series. I'm so grateful.


I was 14 when a classmate introduced me to the first one of your books. I wasn't too sure about them at first, promoting a very matriarchal wordview which at that point i had little experience with. But gradually and eventually, i came to love your books. The school library had every one of them, so i loaned them all. constantly. You provided me with quality fantasy entertainment for over 8 years now. For that, i thank you. Eventually, and because i was interested in the internet, i came to join communities where they discussed and roleplayed in your creation. This provided me with an understanding from people who were similar to myself, something i lacked in the school i attended daily. You gave me a place to belong aside from the usual social enviroment one exists in. For that, i thank you. A few years later, i was introduced to this community, and as i grew older it became the one place where i actually stayed. Since 2002 i've frequented these forums a few times a week, a community filled with enthusiasts from all across this small terrestrial sphere we call a home. You gave me an opportunity to get to know these people. For that, i thank you. Due to distances, i was never able to actually meet you in person. But from people i trust i've heard that you were an exceptional man publically as well as privately. A man worthy of respect and admiration. You will be missed dearly. May you rest in peace, forever.

Caerwyn Jolan

I am still reading the books for the first time (mid-book 5 now), and I just joined this exceptional site. There's a tremendous amount to think about when reading this books. Obviously the whole good -vs- evil story, but also the little details of the interactions of the nations, the systems of government, the characters, etc. Its become a total fascination with me. (which means i spend way too much time trying to figure out which Aes Sedai will be Black Ajah, etc.) Not reading the spoilers is pretty difficult for me! However I love the world. Its so *real*. While reading through a passage I can imagine being there. Another really fun aspect is trying to decode the books for similarities with real (or historical) cultures on earth. I love reading history, so thats quite interesting to me. Figuring out what the author was thinking about when he *created* this or that character, etc. I know a few well known authors (but never Robert Jordan, alas), and I've heard some stories about how certain characters came to be in their books. Sometimes they're trying to bring a concept in through a character, and sometimes its just someone they know that is being parodied in a book... This is so well written, so complex, and so revealing of the author that its clear to me that this isnt just fantasy. For the author, it was about reality. He was trying to create a world to talk about things we normally can't these days in real life. The more complex a book/series is, generally the more the author is relating the story to reality. My great regret is I'll never get to try out my theories on the author himself. I know he is truly "Walking in the Light" now. May all of you find the Light in your own lives. Its always there if you look for it.

Faith Cross

I myself am an aspiring author, and when I first got into Robert Jordan's (I know it's not his real name, but I've always known him as this) The Wheel of Time, I ended up finding not only a great read but an endless source of inspiration. Whenever I felt my own stories were going downhill, when I just wasn't cut out for all of this, I would sit down and begin to think about the stories that he brought to us, and at times start reading one of his books again; soon enough I got ideas for how to fix what I had just been complaining about or I would find a new way to look at something.

When my friend, another author I spend most of my time talk with and exchanging ideas, brought up the article of Robert Jordan's death I was completely shocked. It almost seemed out of nowhere, just a little while ago I remembered reading an article that he was getting better! Grief overcame me, and I thought I might just cry, my friend offered some sympathy and a few jokes to try to lighten the mood until something finally hit me like a brick.

Robert Jordan might have died, but he had left stepping stones in this world for authors like me to follow in his foot-steps and create a new world that will touch and move people's lives like he did with many others. I almost felt right then that he was looking down on not just me, but every other out there trying to pull through with their difficulties to put out the stories they believe the world needs to read; looking down on them and giving support in silent gestures.

Right then and there, hardly ten minutes after reading about his death, I was nose deep in my own work... I couldn't help but feel that if I wasn't doing something right then and there to help push forward the new path in fantasy that Robert Jordan opened up that he would be frowning and shaking his head at me up in heaven. I told my friend this, and despite him not being a fan of him, he agreed and just like me began delving deeper and deeper into his own work in our own tribute to this great man.

I am sad that it took the death of my favorite author, and a great man to spark my flame again in writing... but I guess that's just how the wheel weaved it, right?

Before his death, I had always hoped that perhaps one day my own books would be sitting next to his own in bookstores or even just considered in the same league as his own. Maybe it still will happen, and it will probably be one of the happiest moments of my life when it does, but I will always see him as the person who helped me get there in the first place. I'm not sure if this will help people look at this from a different view as he did with me constantly, and I'm not sure if there has been another thread like this, but as I was looking through the funeral pictures (again), I couldn't help but feel like I should share this with the community his books and life helped create.

Maybe some of you will feel the same, maybe you'll disagree with me completely, but opinions will be appreciated. Who knows, maybe we'll be able to find out a way to give Robert Jordan a great memorial, a tribute to his life and writing that will fully express the grief of his loss and the happiness that his life brought.