I Wish I Was a Novice

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Kytera al'Sauvin

I wish I was a Novice
Of the great White Tower
Just think of all the things I'd learn
About my hidden power

I'd study very hard
Stay up all day and night
If that is what it took
I'd walk into the Blight!

I'd curtsey to every Aes Sedai
I'd acknowledge each accepted
I'd pray to the Creator
That the Light would keep me protected

No matter how bad things got
I would always give my thanks
I wouldn't let myself get distracted
By all the Novice pranks (I say that now)

And to the great Mother
I would fall upon my knees
Praying for her blessing
And to serve her as she may please.

Oh I wish I was a Novice
How great it seems to be
All this wishing and wanting
All because of WOT!