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Author: Ixialdor Lathanril


The sound of dice rolling, cards shuffling, Mountain Dew cans being opened, and the chatter of rules being discussed. I know, this sounds like every D&D night at my house. But this is the scene of the 2016 International Tabletop Day! This year I had the pleasure of attending at my local gaming store and hosting a table.

International Tabletop Day was founded by Geek and Sundry in 2013 and has been held every year since its inception. The premise behind the day is simple: Get out and play games! Geek and Sundry often releases several promotional items to participating game stores that have various goodies inside to satisfy your inner (and often outer) geek.

This year, my local gaming store hosted the event and provided demos of a few games. Our store owner had various volunteers host tables to demo different games. Yours truly provided a demo of one of my personal favorites, Shadows Over Camelot, which I wrote a guest article about here Board Game Review: Shadows of Camelot. (shameless plug I know, get over it and read about it :p).

Other games present for the demo were ...

  • Steam Time by Kosmos (I personally did not play but a friend of mine enjoyed)


  • Three Cheers for Master by Atlas Games (again, I did not play but it looked pretty fun)


  • Axis and Allies


  • Tiny Epic Galaxies


  • The Last Spike


My local game store also gave out door prizes featuring some of the promotional items from Geek and Sundry. They held a prize raffle, which people were entered into for coming to the store and received additional tickets for demoing games and playing some of the games offered. The prizes for our stores raffle were Steam Time, Three Cheers for Master, Two by Two by Valley Games, Inc., and Wits and Wagers Party Edition by North Star Games. Sadly, I did not win any of these wonderful games, but I still had a wonderful time.

I did manage to play two other games during the festivities. One was Sentinels of the Multiverse by Greater Than Games. This card game was a lot of fun. It is a Superhero card game featuring fantastic comic style artwork. You play together as teams attempting to defeat one of the many villains the game has! The other game was Exploding Kittens. This game is similar to Russian roulette, only with kittens that blow up! Be the last to survive and win the game (which I did not).

This was my first International Tabletop Day and I can honestly say, it left me wanting more! I highly recommend you get in touch with your local game store next year and see about getting plugged in to the events!

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