Letter from the Editor: Armchair Traveler Edition

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Author: Maibella Rhoiden


This month the Tar Valon Times welcomes you to our Armchair Traveler edition. If you aren't familiar with that phrase you may be wondering what, exactly, an Armchair Traveler is.

An Armchair Traveler is a person who knows about a place from reading or hearing about it rather than from traveling there him/herself.

As much as all of us at the TVT would love to be field reporters and get to travel to all the places we want to write about, sadly TarValon.Net does not have a budget for that. Instead we make use of the amazing information available to us in order to bring all of you on a journey around the world!

In this edition you will travel to the most beautiful libraries and unique hotels in the world, learn about exotic animals, get etiquette tips so you don't embarrass yourself when you travel, discover information from maps, and get reading recommendations. You will also discover how to volunteer in unusual places and learn about dragons around the world (sorry, to our knowledge volunteering to work with dragons is not an option ). We also hear first hand from a few travelers about their personal globe-trotting experiences.

So get cozy in this armchair I've provided for you and settle in for an adventure around the world!


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