Letter from the Editor: February 2016

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Author: Maibella Rhoiden

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Welcome to the February 2016 Tar Valon Times! This month we welcome a new Reporter, Kitan Taturu of the White Ajah, to the TVT team. She shares a review of the game Red Dragon Inn that has me itching to play!

This month Deleios Gaidin dives into his play through of Blood Bowl 2. You definitely want to read about how a ballet troupe became a Blood Bowl team! Theolyn Sedai wows us all with another Avatar Makeover, Kyla Sedai reviews a children's book about Greek mythology, and Taelinn Sedai reviews a book that combines military and magic. On completely different notes, Asandra Sedai shares her experiences learning sword fighting and Sailea Nerid gives a glimpse of life in a society where freedom of speech does not exist.

There are more articles as well - there always are! - and I hope that you find some that you enjoy. Please chime in with comments on the ones you particularly like. Happy reading!

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