Letter from the Editor: March 2016

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Author: Maibella Rhoiden

TVT editor letter.png

Welcome to the March 2016 Tar Valon Times! Here in Maryland, on the east coast of the US, March is usually our coldest month of the year, but recently the weather seems unable to decide whether to drop snow on us or give us warm, sunny spring-feeling days. Hopefully the weather is more cooperative in your part of the world!

This month our team of Reporters have prepared yet another batch of articles for your reading enjoyment. We have an interview with an Aes Sedai whose latest artistic endeavor is a Wheel of Time themed coloring book, and interview with another Aes Sedai who is seeking to preserve the history of WoT fandom online, and our Member Spotlight interview with our new Mayor. We also look back at the first year of the Servant of All forum.

In other Tower-related news, we get a peek into the Guesting process and have tea with the Red Ajah (this is the start of a series that will eventually include all the Ajahs and Companies). Other articles include a book reviews, a tabletop game review, a look at a Bulgarian holiday, and the continuation of both our Global Issues series and the Adventures of Kyran the Luckless.

We hope that you enjoy this edition of the Tar Valon Times. Happy reading!

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