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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Lewin was a Da'shain Aiel shortly after the Breaking of the World, and one of Rand's ancestors. His greatparents were Adan and Siedre. His parents were Marind and Saralin, his sister Maigran. His son was Jeordam.

In Rand's first vision of him he was a tall, graying man with a hard face. In the next, he was a young man about to rescue his sister from bandits and then a child of six years.

(References: The Shadow Rising, Chapter 25; Chapter 26).


  • His father and greatmother died in a raid when he was six (TSR, Ch. 26).
  • His sister and Colline were kidnapped by four villains. He and his friends killed the raiders to free the girls and defend themselves. This deed was incompatible with the Way of the Leaf the Da'shain were living after, so his other family members abandoned him (TSR, Ch. 25).
  • His son Jeordam took five Jenn Aiel to him who had been raided by villagers they had traded goods with before. He allowed them to stay if they were willing to fight and defend themselves (TSR, Ch. 25).


  • When he was younger he vaguely remembered a time when there had been more water and the days had not been so windy and dusty.
  • His wife had died of fever.
  • He never smiled.

(Reference: The Shadow Rising, Chapter 25)