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The Accountability Guide exists to ensure consistently equitable treatment of all members by providing representative samples of problematic behaviors and their potential consequences. Further explanations can be found on our Definitions page


The Membership Review Committee

This committee consists of the Membership Administrators at the time of the review. As they are governed by the Director of Membership, this position may cast a decisive vote in case of a tie. The committee is only available for leveled offenses.

In Good Standing

Member may participate in all of the perks of membership to include, but not limited to: forum/Discord access, application for any position for which member qualifies, attendance at in-person events.

Structured Offenses and Examples

Disciplinary offenses are structured from a documented warning to level 3 offense with increasing severity of specific behavior(s) and resulting consequences.

Levels are progressive: A second leveled offense within 6 months will result in a next level offense. Progression to level 3 may be determined by: the number of offenses within a narrow timeframe, the level of severity of a singular offense, or any combination thereof at the discretion of the joint recommendation between Mediators and Director of Membership with the Cordamora making the final level decision in consultation with the Keeper and Amyrlin. Level 3 offenses may also involve a hearing before the Membership Review Committee with appeal rights.

In extreme situations when a major offense with legal repercussions has been committed, overwhelming and incontrovertible evidence proving guilt is presented, then the offending member has waived right to a Review and may be immediately removed from TarValon.Net by the Amyrlin.

All potential offenses listed are examples only and should not be considered comprehensive. In all cases the Executive team is considered expert in determining whether any potential inappropriate behavior is considered an actionable offense.

Examples of potential inappropriate behaviors and their corresponding consequences per level are included, but not limited to:

Warnings do not affect “In good standing” status
  • Request for edit
  • One (1) day to Seven (7) days Forum/Discord suspension
  • Suggest Mediation
Potential Inappropriate behavior may include
  • Name calling, including deadnaming
  • Language unsuitable for PG-13 in public space
  • Language incidentally used that negatively impacts a marginalized and/or protected class (race, color, national origin, age (over 40), pregnancy, gender {includes identity and expression}, sexual identity, religion, disability, veteran status)
Level 1 affects “in good standing” status during the time of probation/suspension
  • One (1) week – Twelve (12) week probation
  • One (1) week - Twelve (12) Forum/Discord suspension
  • Strongly Suggest mediation
Potential inappropriate behavior may include all of the examples for warnings plus
  • Harassment and/or bullying of fellow members
  • Language intentionally used against a marginalized and/or protected class (race, color, national origin, age (over 40), pregnancy, gender {includes identity and expression}, sexual identity, religion, disability, veteran status)
  • Abuse or violation of forum privileges
  • Inappropriate behavior, as defined in the Code of Conduct, during any live events
  • Bullying
  • Purposefully and maliciously smearing TarValon.Net or any other Wheel of Time fan group’s name, ethics, club rules, or decisions while representing TarValon.Net
  • Intentionally ignoring or covering up breaches of rules by other members
  • Purposefully preventing other members from being involved in Tower events
Level 2 may impact “in good standing” status beyond the time of probation/suspension
  • Twenty-four (24) weeks - Forty-eight (48) weeks Forum/Discord suspension
  • One (1) in-person event suspension
  • One (1) year Forum/Discord suspension with 2 in-person event suspension
  • Ineligible to apply for Administrative or higher position for duration of suspension
  • Strong encouragement to pursue mediation or voluntary leave of absence

Potential inappropriate behavior may include all of the examples for warnings & Level 1 plus:

  • Breaching a gag order
  • Engagement in any of the above potentially inappropriate behaviors while actively engaged in a position of authority representing, Inc. from Staff position to Executive level.
Level 3 will impact “in good standing” status beyond the time of probation/suspension
  • Forty-eight (48) week Forum/Discord suspension
  • Ninety-six (96) week Forum/Discord probation
  • Permanent ban from application beyond Staff positions
  • Permanent ban
Potential inappropriate behavior may include all of the above examples plus
  • Violent, threatening, or unwanted sexual acts against a member of TarValon.Net, or member of the public while representing TarValon.Net whether in person, using electronic means or through a third party. (The carrying of real life weapons at events of any kind, including self-made metal edged or pointed blades, or any toy weapons must have their projectile function removed unless authorized in writing by an Executive Officer or Director of Events).
  • Falsifying evidence or testimony during an investigation or Review
  • Acting under the influence of illegal substances within the context of a Tower event, such as:
    • Arriving at an event under the influence of an illegal substance.
    • Use, distribution, or administration of an illegal substance during a Tower event.
  • Violent or sexual acts against children (defined as under the age of 18 per Alabama law where the articles of incorporation are held)
  • Embezzlement of funds intended for charitable donation.

Embezzlement is defined as: Failing to ensure that funds are submitted to the receiving charity within a reasonable period of time following the event. Failing to ensure that funds are submitted to the receiving charity. Spending funds intended for charitable donations on personal or group expenses.

  • Undisclosed criminal history, which involve any of the following types of offenses*:

Any Sex offender registry entry

  • Felony conviction embezzlement, robbery, burglary, theft
  • Felony conviction violent crimes against a person or property
  • Felony conviction of handgun related offenses

These crimes do not prevent membership, but failure to disclose can.

Issuing Authority, Membership Review and Appeals

For verbal warnings

2.1. Moderators, Operators, Membership Administrators, Tower Mediators, Directors, Executives, and Officers or their delegated authorities have the ability to document verbal warnings that do not affect “in good standing” status. All other Directors, Executives, and Officers are empowered to maintain their own system of documentation for this level of accountability.

In urgent situations where a delay would cause undue harm, Moderators and Operators may issue verbal warnings without consulting the Tower Mediators in advance. Membership Administrators may do so without consulting the Director of Membership. However, they must notify their administrator as soon as practicable of the issuance for recording purposes. The administrators will maintain a log for visibility and consistency across the site.

For potentially leveled offenses (1-3)

2.2. The Membership Administrator for the accused member, the Director of Membership, and the Tower Mediators are to be emailed the details of the offense, suggested level of accountability, and duration by any member making a report in good faith. The Tower Mediators, Membership Administrator and Director of Membership will discuss the matter and make recommendations to Cordamora. Cordamora can make a final determination in conjunction with the team. This process reserves Keeper and/or Amyrlin as points for escalation, if needed. Cordamora may confer with them though before making a final determination.

2.3. All Disciplinary concerns that rise beyond the warning level must be shared with that member for their response to the allegations before any decisions about potential consequences are made except in rare cases of imminent risk, so long as a delay does not substantively breach the safety of other members, infringe on the legal status of the corporation, or otherwise impede business operations for the Amyrlin (CEO) or their designee.

2.4. If the member has not replied within 72 hours, then other avenues to establish contact will be made at the discretion of the Membership Administrator to ensure the accused member has an awareness of the concerns before action is decided or taken. If the member has not replied at all after five (5) calendar days from the first attempt to establish contact, then the process will continue without the member’s input.

2.5. In any situation where real, perceived, or potential bias may exist, individual Mediators, Director of Membership and/or Cordamora will entirely recuse themselves from all of the proceedings either voluntarily or at the request of the accused member. If the Cordamora recuses, the proceedings will defer to the Keeper (COO) and/or Amyrlin (CEO) for final determination.

Membership Review in the case of

· Any level 3 offense being levied · Multiple offenses within a narrow timeframe as defined by an Executive · Any leveled offense wherein the Senior Member is in disagreement with the accountability decision · Any situation with a leveled offense where a perceived bias exists at the request of the Senior Member

2.7. A Membership Review is convened once an official request has been submitted to the Director of Membership via email by the accused member or their designee.

2.8. Gag orders may be levied by the Director of Membership, Cordamora, Keeper, or Amyrlin at any time to any member for the protection of the Tower and its members. When under a gag order the member must not speak to anyone regarding the Review or acknowledge communications from anyone other than the Director of Membership, Cordamora, Keeper, or Amyrlin during the process. Breach of a gag order can lead to severe accountability.

2.9. Any attempts to harass, bully, intimidate, or attempt by any means to affect or bias the testimony of witnesses asked to give statements will be met with the harshest of measures, up to and including a ban. Any attempts to delay or derail the process will result in the Review continuing, regardless.

2.10. At no time should the Director of Membership be contacted by any party outside the Membership Review other than the Amyrlin, Cordamora, Keeper, Tower Mediators, unless the Director of Membership has requested or approved such communication.

2.11. The Review will issue a judgment of Upheld or Dismissed. If the judgment is Dismissed, the offense(s) are expunged (removed) from the record and the member will immediately be “in good standing” with full membership benefits.

2.12. If multiple offenses are Upheld on the same Review, the Committee may issue multiple consequences to run consecutive (back to back) or concurrent (at the same time), at their discretion provided the final consequences are not more severe than the original decision.

2.13. Applications for a revision of judgement may be made only when it is based upon the discovery of some fact of such a nature as to be a decisive factor, which fact was, when the judgement was given, unknown to the Committee and also to the party claiming revision, always provided that such ignorance was not due to negligence by either party. In cases where the Amyrlin rendered the final decision, the Amyrlin retains discretion to reopen their own prior proceedings.

2.14. The proceedings for a revision shall be opened by a judgement of the Review Committee expressly recording the existence of the new fact, recognizing that it has such a character to lay the case open to revision, and declaring the application admissible on this ground.

2.15. No application for revision may be made to the Review Committee after the lapse of 1 year from the date of judgement.

2.16. Appeals: The Committee’s decision may be appealed one (1) time to the Amyrlin (CEO) for a final determination. In any situation where Amyrlin made the decision for consequences, that decision will always be considered the final determination and not subject to review, appeal, or subject to overturn by a lesser authority.

Legal issues

3.1. If a member is indicted on felony criminal charges outside of TarValon.Net, they must notify their site authority and potentially relinquish any and all positions held in the community. The site authority will continue the notification up to, and including the Board of Directors, as deemed appropriate by higher authorities.

3.2. In order to protect TarValon.Net and its membership from involvement in real-world legal proceedings, TarValon.Net will not be involved in any legal action between or involving members and may take action necessary to protect the safety of TarValon.Net and its membership. Any such actions will be at the discretion of the Cordamora with the consent of the Keeper and Amyrlin. Actions may include, but are not limited to, placing members on temporary Administrative Leave and suspending hearings until such real-world legal proceedings are complete.

3.3. Administrative leave will be the functional equivalent of “Retired Status” and will end when the member has finished their involvement in the legal proceedings.

3.4. The use of Administrative Leave is not intended to impact a member’s status negatively or permanently and is only meant to be used as a temporary action to protect TarValon.Net and its membership from undue involvement in legal proceedings.

3.5. Should any member make threats of a baseless legal action toward TarValon.Net, it will be taken with the utmost seriousness, up to and including removal of the member from TarValon.Net by the Amyrlin by way of permanent ban.

Right to free speech and right of law

Reminder of Member rights as placed in the TarValon.Net Membership Manual and Code of Conduct

4.1. TarValon.Net is a private, Non-Profit Corporation. Members of the club agree to follow the Tower’s rules, beliefs, and motivations when posting on the forums and Tower-affiliated social media platforms, and representing the Tower outside of the confines of the forum.

4.2. Every member has the right to say what they feel within the framework of the Code of Conduct; people are expected to be honest in communications.

4.3. Discussion, posts, and any other conversations which breach the Code of Conduct will be dealt with by the organization on a case-by-case basis. This includes (but is not limited to) hate speech, religious, racial, sexual or gender intolerance, or disparate treatment of any protected class or marginalized people group.

4.4. Accountability actions and Membership Reviews are not measured by any court of law in any country. Members of all tiers accept the Tower’s ruling as final.