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What is the Department of Community Outreach

The Department of Community Outreach coordinates and executes all of the philanthropy and charity work that the community undertakes. It also handles recognitions for the community's philanthropists.

For more information on our philanthropic programs, please view our Philanthropy section.

What are the Duties of this Department?

The Department Director provides direction for the community's philanthropic focus. The Department Director oversees all philanthropic programs, stepping in to help as necessary. S/he is constantly looking out for new opportunities and new paths for our philanthropic goals. S/he handles any staffing issues within the Department.

Staff members assist the Director in running philanthropic programs, researching charities, and any other tasks as necessary.

The Servant of All Coordinator manages the Servant of All program, which tracks and honors our member’s activities in their communities outside of TarValon.Net and offline.

The Community Care Coordinator works on small pop-up fundraisers, marketing for both our annual and Feast of Lights fundraiser, maintaining the department's wiki, and internal communications via the Tower Voices and the TarValon Times.

The Outreach Activities Coordinator organizes activities that occur on a community-wide level on our message boards and chat rooms, including birthday lists and celebrations. Considers creative methods in which site-wide events can impact the real world.

The Outreach Activities Team assists the Outreach Activities Coordinator with planning and facilitating our online activities.

Emails Within this Department

Department Director

Servant of All Coordinator

Outreach Activities Coordinator

Chain of Command

Community Outreach-2021-01-23.png

Anyone with an idea for our philanthropic programs, questions, or concerns should contact the Department Director. Any staff members wishing to retire should contact the Department Director. If the Director is unavailable or does not respond in a timely fashion, then you should contact the Keeper. Please allow everyone ample time to respond before moving up the chain of command.

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