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What is Feast of Lights?

Feast of Lights is our annual winter drive that benefits an outside charity. Money is usually collected during the month of December which goes towards a chosen nonprofit organization. This external event is our biggest regular external monetary philanthropic program.

In the past, Feast of Lights has also benefited individual members of the site (sometimes referred to as "Santa Projects"). Internal drives such as these are now considered part of the Helping Hands program. Feast of Lights is now targeted at helping others outside of our community.

How can I contribute to Feast of Lights?

Money is only collected for Feast of Lights drives during (or near) the month of December. For information on the current Feast of Lights drive, see the main page on the Feast of Lights charity drive.

How are charities chosen for Feast of Lights?

Charities for Feast of Lights are chosen by the Board of Directors, the Officers, and the Director of Philanthropy. There are a number of qualities we look for in charities to be recipients of our drives, including:

  • a 501(c)3 charitable organization or internationally recognized charity
  • international presence
  • support of causes important to our members
  • a high percentage of donations going towards program services

I know of a great charity for us to support! How can I suggest this?

Recommendations for Feast of Lights charities can be sent to the Director of Community Outreach. They will be evaluated by the Board of Directors, the Officers, and the Director of Community Outreach when it is time to choose a charity to support for the drive.

How much of Feast of Lights donations go to the chosen charity?

TarValon.Net does not take any portion of the Feast of Lights donations. A certain percentage of donations is deducted by paypal as part of their fees. The rest of donations go directly to the chosen charity. We estimate this at 95-98%.

What are some examples of Feast of Lights drives?

In the past, Feast of Lights drives have supported Doctors Without Borders, Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Toys for Tots, Habitat for Humanity, Good Will, and Heifer International.

Questions on Feast of Lights and our other Philanthropy activities can be sent to our Director of Outreach.

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