March Wrap-Up

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Author: Alyccea Nymaessene


Welcome armchair travellers! The past month has been relatively steady as far as announcements go… which I suspect means that April will be full of activity! However, we have had a few big announcements this month, so please join us in congratulating everybody involved!



  • 2 March: Yellow and Gray Heads of Ajah (applications closed)
  • 24 March: Chat Operators required (applications closed)


  • 3 March: Accepted Sailea Nerid announced as Awards Historian
  • 20 March: Kyla Sterling of the Blue Ajah announced as Assistant Editor of the Tar Valon Times
  • 25 March: Serenla Tamowith of the Brown Ajah announced as Conference Coordinator


  • 9 March: Voting opens for annual Members’ Choice Awards (voting closed)
  • 17 March: Admin Meeting Agenda announced (meeting concluded)
  • 25 March: Citizen Logo revealed


  • 28 March: In the Black Tower Week commenced (continued to 3 Apr. 2016)

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