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Author: Erin al'Denael, February 2016


Have you ever heard of Mendo Cath? One of our newer Directors, Mendo Sedai took over the Department of Technology in December. He's been undergoing backbreaking, mind-numbing, and exhaustive training under the aegis of yours truly, and I demanded asked nicely that he allow me to interview him for the Tar Valon Times.

Mendo Sedai swore that he wasn't good at talking about himself. Rising to the challenge, I promised to make sure that his august stature would shine through in this interview. So before you read on, partake of his awesomeness in this majestic kerning-issue-riddled simple graphic created in his honor by yours truly.


Outside of TarValon.Net

When he's not inundated with the above mentioned training, or actually doing his job, or browsing the boards and enjoying our company, Mendo Sedai is an IT guy. Surprising huh? He gets paid to do IT stuff! Gotta love people like that. Aside from work, he does the things etched on that wonderful appealing image above. Mendo Sedai, if you read this, would you mind sharing what you actually like to bake? Inquiring minds would like to know.

At TarValon.Net

Mendo Sedai has been at the Tower for roughly 2.5 years now. He spent a significant length of time as a Junior Member. He found different ways to help out the community, among them working in the Technology and Moderators & Operators departments. When Integration came about, he was able to guest with Ajahs, and eventually found his home with Blue. According to Mendo Sedai, "I honestly didn't feel like I fit into any of the Companies. I liked lots of people, but as a group, I didn't feel that I fit in with any of them."

New Director of Technology

Mendo Sedai claims to really enjoy his shiny new job so far. He has found out that people are friendly, and willing to work things out cross-department. The most important item on his agenda of things-to-be-done is to implement a new raising test system. As someone who was semi-recently raised, he feels pretty strongly that it needs to be overhauled. And as someone who will be taking it (again) eventually...I cannot help but agree wholeheartedly.

Many thanks to you, Mendo Sedai, for consenting to this interview! I'll leave all you reading-types with this quote from him that I think encapsulates his view on the Tower:

I love the community! It's been an important part of my life for a couple years now. I'm looking forward to being a supporting member, in a way. It gives me a chance to meet other people I would never meet to share likes and dislikes.::

Isn't he a nice sort?

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