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Author: Ilverin Matriam
Published: May 18 2021 Tar Valon Times Blog Link

A few months ago, we featured the previous Company Commander of the San d’ma Shadar Company. This month we would like you to get to know a little bit about the current one. Indeed Miliham Rastoubel is one of the member spotlights for the month of May.

Miliham is a long standing member with the community. He joined back in 2006, making this year his fifteenth year of membership! He has served multiple Hall terms, sitting as Warder Councilor for San d’ma Shadar; and he is currently a member of the Department of Marketing as one of the people developing a TarValon.Net based trading card game!

In real life, Miliham is a Firecontrolman Aegis First Class in the United States Navy, while also attending university for his Bachelors in Game Design. He is married, and the couple has two children and two cats.

Miliham says that he is “a major gamer” and we can absolutely agree to this, based on his future Bachelors degree and his contribution to the card game development for TarValon.Net. In his spare time Miliham enjoys LARP, MMOs, table top games and Magic: The Gathering.

The San d’ma Shadar Company Commander began reading the Wheel of Time over a decade ago, while he was still in high school. He enjoyed the books so much that he re-read them multiple times.

While Knife of Dreams was still the latest released book, Miliham found TarValon.Net by searching information about the Wheel of Time. He made a lot of friends during his Junior Member days, some of whom are active to this day and are, along with himself, part of the Department of Membership.

Other connections, and especially connections with his Brothers from SDS, Miliham created during Real Life events. Because of the Bears’ tendency to “hibernate,” Miliham says that those real life events and our Anniversary parties in particular helped him bond with the members of SDS, and eventually join the Company.

For his Company Commander term, Miliham has big and strong goals for the future of the Company: “I’m excited and I want to make SDS the best it can be!”

We would like to wish him luck and success during his term!