October Wrap Up

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Author: Maibella Rhoiden

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October was a busy time for our members. Britain and Ireland Party took place, Fall Ball was last weekend, and Shaoman closed out our month. Lots of other things happened here in October too, like ...

October 17: Ahmyra al'Ruley Raised to Aes Sedai of the White Ajah
October 25: Kveldolf Tikvah Raised to Recruit

October 3: Alyccea Nymaessene Aspired to the Red Ajah
October 30: Cahalan Sothron Aspired to the Blue Ajah

October 3: Heads of Ajahs for Brown and Red (applications closed)
October 4: Director of Research and Records (applications closed)
October 16: Director of Technology accepting applications until Nov. 15
October 25: Mayor accepting applications until Nov. 15
October 31: Graphics, TVT & Social Media/Tower Voice accepting applications until Nov. 30

October 3: Chat Operators announced - Ahmyra al'Ruley, Amarande al'Kalin, Aryawnah Federov, Deoan Kakarot, Jeryn Lekar, Marivea al'Corriyi, Mejjad Martnandi, Mendo Cath, and Nymala Ingasy
October 8: Fall Hall of the Tower announced: Euriel and Gedhan for Val Cueran - Deoan and Jaim for Dai M'hael - Jas'yn and Soronhen for San d'ma Shadar - Barmacral and Jeryn for Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb - Sabriane and Ajailyn for the Red Ajah - Alexstrasz and Shaerlyn for the Brown Ajah - Tree and Thoridyss for the Green Ajah - Winterdawn and Nyavene for the Yellow Ajah - Vivianna and Shariyan for the Blue Ajah - Marivea and Imzadi for the Gray Ajah - Avendaella and Aduiavas for the White Ajah
October 19: Ne’Mireth Delvar announced as Social Marketing Manager

October 16: site maintenance announced for the upcoming weekend
October 17: site host reboot announced for Oct. 17
October 17: birthday of The Creator, Robert Jordan
October 18: bids for Fall Ball 2016

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