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In the world of the Wheel of Time, the Pattern sometimes allows people glimpses of future events. There are several ways this can be done. Many of the events have been foretold in some way, but there are also other events that have been described, but have not yet occurred


Main article: Foretelling

Foretelling is the ability of an Aes Sedai to know of some event or set of events in the future. The foretelling is often obscure and may not be understood until the events in question have happened. Fortellings have occurred throught recorded history and form the basis of many of the prophecies.

Group Prophecies

Aiel Prophecies
Main article: Aiel Prophecies
Sea Folk Prophecies;
Main article: Jendai Prophecy

Prophecies of the Dragon

Karaethon Cycle
Seanchan Prophecies
Dark Prophecy

Modern Foretellings

Main article: Foretellings


Main article: Dreaming
Egwene's Dreams
Perrin's Dreams


Main article: Min's Viewings

Unfulfilled Prophecy

Main article: Unfulfilled Prophecy

As of the end of Towers of Midnight, there were many glimpses of the future that had not yet been fulfilled, had been fulfilled in a manner that was not obvious, or had possibly been fulfilled off screen, so that the reader would not know about it.