Rand al'Thor (TV Series)

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Book TV show
[[Image:|250px|alt=Josha Stradowski playing Rand al'Thor in The Wheel of Time]]
Rand al'Thor
Nationality Andoran
Social Status
Family Tam al'Thor
First Appearance Episode 1
Actor Josha Stradowski

Pronunciation: RAND ahl-THOR

Rand al'Thor is one of the main characters in the book and television series The Wheel of Time. In the TV show, Rand is played by the Dutch actor Josha Stradowski.

WARNING! The next sections contain spoilers for the Wheel of Time television series.


Rand is a young man from a small village called Emond's Field in the Two Rivers. He is tall, but not taller than his friends. He has reddish hair. His best friends are Mat and Perrin and he really likes Egwene.



Rand's Journey

Season 1

This section contains spoilers relating to Episode 7: The Dark Along the Ways. Please expand to view.

Rand finds out he is the Dragon Reborn

This section contains spoilers relating to Episode 8: The Eye of the World. Please expand to view.

Rand fights with the Dark One and believes he killed him.