TVTT Blue Ajah Bonus - Mad Libs Reveal

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Author: Nymala Ingasy
Published: July 16 2021 - Tar Valon Times Blog Link

Editor’s Note: As part of the TVT Takeover with the Blue Ajah, they posted a Mad Libs story set-up with a list of answers. We invited readers to post their responses on the forums in this thread. Below is the full story — how did yours turn out? Post a comment or add your story to the forums!

Eliza was very ADJECTIVE about the expedition that she was currently on. She’d had to VERB saidar to heal Arella, which she’d done without hesitation, of course, but it meant that they had ADJECTIVE themselves to any sul’dam and damane in the area. They had quickened their pace, but inwardly, Eliza braced for an attack that was sure to come. The fact that it hadn’t yet was odd and it VERB her. She tried to hide her VERB beneath her serenity, but she meant to talk to Rae when she had the chance.

Soon they came to a break in the PLACE canopy. Rae pointed to the other side of the clearing. “The GROUP OF ANIMALS pens are on the other side of this field. If we can get there, we’ll be all right,” she VERB to the PLURAL PRONOUN.

Eliza watched as Qamra VERB her way forward to scan the NOUN intently. Her BODY PART took in everything as she searched for NOUN. After a long moment, Qamra nodded. “We’ll go in pairs,” the Gaidin of Dai M’hael whispered. “Eliza, please go first with Arella. Rae and I will follow. Stay alert and keep moving. Go as VERB as you can and don’t look back until you get there,” she said ADVERB.

ADVERB, they crept to the door of the pen. Rae made a VERB gesture with her BODY PART. The others nodded and Rae put her BODY PART on the carved brass ring of the door and gingerly pushed it open. She let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding. They stepped into the s’rediti pen…only to find it empty! Unsure of what was happening, the four walked into the barn, and straight into a trap!

“EXCLAMATION, marath’damane!” an authoritative voice called out. Slowly, Rae turned to face the threat, and Qamra quickly followed her. Arella, then Eliza turned as well, trying to maintain Aes Sedai NOUN as they stared at the VERB insect-like PIECE OF CLOTHING and painted NOUN armor of a patrol of the DESCRIPTION Army of Seanchan. “Did you think that we wouldn’t notice your sortie of PLURAL NOUN sent by the CELEBRITY?” the Commander demanded in her odd, VERB accent. “Our VERB of Heaven reported that you were heading this way. The NOUN, may she VERB forever, will be pleased to know that we have VERB so many marath’damane. Surrender and accept the NOUN as your friends on the beach soon will!”