TVTT MDD Edition - The Oath Rod

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Author: Venric Methalion
Published: January 3 2021 - Tar Valon Times Blog Link

This article comes from the Company Commander of Mahdi’in d’ma Dieb, Venric Methalion!

I’ve been pursuing various artistic paths since I was a kid, and have worked in all kinds of mediums but finally earned a degree with a focus in blown glass. Knowing this, Rhed al'Tere reached out to me sometime around the beginning of 2016 (I think? What does time mean any more?) to commission an Oath Rod for official Tower ceremonies. It was kept fairly simple (as described in the books) but with a hint of gold flakes added as an homage to the Goldschlager bottles that had been used since the founding of the site. Those inadvertently twisted up into the rod but sort of gave the effect of weaving threads, so we ran with it. I also made it heavy enough that she could use it to keep order at live events if people got rowdy.