TVTT Val'Cueran Edition - Call of the Pack

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Author: Dar'Jen Ab Owain
Published: April 1 2021 Tar Valon Times Blog Link

When I first joined TarValon.Net, I was happy to have found a community of fans who enjoyed the world created by Robert Jordan. I became a Citizen, and then applied to join The Tower. As a Novice, I continued to read the series and meet members of the community. Upon passing my test, I became Accepted and began my Guesting journey.

As an Accepted, I continued my education. I participated in Classes and in various Events and activities. I was sure my goal was to be Aes Sedai and find which Ajah would be my home. Guesting is as much about self exploration as it is about exploring the groups that make up the community. I was determined to be open minded and explore all the groups.

My first round of Guesting was complete, and I had multiple groups I felt very comfortable in. Guesting allowed me to find appreciation for aspects of all the groups. I went through a second round. I was determined to find my home. I still felt there were multiple places I could fit in. This was with Ajahs and Companies.

The Mistress of Accepted and Soldiers (Kitan Tataru) and my mentors (Alenya Al'Roran and Ashara Koh'inor) were wonderful. They helped me find ways to reflect on my discoveries so that I could determine where my home was. Our home is not just where our friends are or where our ideal self would be, but is a place that we can serve and help to form the whole.

The Pack had chosen me. Deep down I knew this long before I actually admitted it. Once I came to that realization, I eagerly submitted my request to Aspire to the Val'Cueran. Thankfully I did not have to wait long. I am still excited to know I have found my home.

They welcomed me from the start. I had become a part of the pack before I even started Guesting. They emphasize Brotherhood, Loyalty, and Honor. They are the Heart Guard of TarValon.Net. And at some point the concept of They had become We. We are there for one another and are there to protect and serve. We are there to light the bonfire that draws us together, to celebrate victories and to face challenges.

Activity with the Pack might wax and wane, but its values remain. We know how to have fun, and when to be serious. I will enjoy the bonfires and the s’mores and happily provide coffee and steaks to my pack mates.

I am happy to say I am an Aspirant of the Val’Cueran. Someday I will be proud to be Gaidin. But for now, I am honored to be part of the Pack and to have my “Brothers and Brosters” around me. I will continue to train and to strive to be worthy of my place with the Company.