TVT Takeover - Accepted & Soldiers Edition

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Author: Jahily al'Karee
Published: September 1 2021 - Tar Valon Times Blog Link

Greetings and salutations, Dear Readers!

Welcome to the September Edition of the TVT Takeover, this month featuring our Soldiers and Accepted members. In a funny twist of fate, this is my third TVTT to participate in since we started the series last fall — Citizens, Novices & Recruits, and now Accepted & Soldiers. So here we are, with my “hat trick” of TVT Takeovers, and this one is going to be super-sized! Thanks to the contributions of our group members, we’ve got two weeks of Takeover goodies for your enjoyment.

As I reflect on my time as an Accepted (now Aspirant), it has looked a bit different this time around. Our group is a mixed bag — of people who are Accepted/Soldiers for the first time, those who are back for a return trip, and those who were gone for years before returning to the Tower. It is interesting to see what everyone is looking for, and which groups meet those needs.

For our Bel Tine thread this spring we hosted the JM Garden, with one of our signatures reading “Everything blooms in its own time.” That is certainly true of our group of Accepted and Soldiers! It’s been a busy year so far in 2021, and our “bouquet” of Aspirants is becoming colorful indeed!

To date in 2021, we have celebrated the following Aspirations:

I look forward to celebrating with the rest of our Junior Members as we all journey toward home.

And now without further ado, buckle your seatbelts and enjoy this edition of our Takeover!