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-Quick note, feel free to delete, but I served Either first or second term in 2009. Wish I could remember which, but I thought I`d comment. - [[Arie Davion]]
I can find that probably in the old announcements
Assitant Editor
Assitant Editor

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Assitant Editor

al'Cary: July 05-Mar 07

Karalyne: Mar 6th 07 - Unknown

General Overview: These are 6 month staff positions within the Department of Community Development. For all positions, you will need to:

Adhere to set deadlines, and communicate with the Editor if something occurs to prevent publication of your content by the given date. Communicate regularly with the Editor regarding your work, her work, and the department in general. Ability to dedicate the necessary time to complete your contributions to the TVT is mandatory.

Reporter Job Specifics:

Actively search for and share ideas that will be interesting and informative for Tar Valon.Net members. Articles can cover topics from the Wheel of Time, the community, reviews, or anything random you can think up, as long as it would be interesting to the membership in general. Unconventional ideas are wonderful! Contribute a minimum of 3 pieces of content during the term, or maintain a regular column for the duration.

Archivist Job Specifics:

Create an archive of all content for the sake of posterity. Monitor tagging of all content.

Comic Artist Job Specifics:

Know how to use the programs necessary to do your job effectively. Be able to create and submit a comic on a monthly basis for the TVT. Be primarily responsible for the artistic end of development for the comic.


Anyone of any rank or position may apply; there is no membership time limit. Facility with your chosen medium is a must; for example, if you write, you need to be able to do so clearly in English. Creative flare and a joy for writing and/or creating art are definitely awesome additions. Experience with writing and/or creating art is a definite plus but not required.