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Author: Ilverin Matriam

Published: November 16, 2021

Please note: This article contains MAJOR spoilers for the entire Wheel of Time series!

We, in the Wheel of Time community of TarValon.Net, have been living with the books for a long time. Many people have read the books multiple times; and each time, there are some moments in the story that really stand out. Some are big and story-changing, some not so much, but we still love them. They might have to do with a favorite character of yours, or it might be a moment in the books that made a certain character your favorite!

We asked the members of TarValon.Net to share some of their favorite moments from the books and now we would like to share them with everyone else!

These are not ranked in any particular way, but just scenes and chapters that people find most interesting and worth mentioning.

It will come as no surprise to anyone probably, that the most loved moment has to do with… Nynaeve before the Last Battle!

Spoilers for book 11 Knife of Dreams:

“Do you recognize this?” she said, fishing a leather cord from the neck of her dress.

His breath caught, and he stretched out a hand, brushed a finger across the heavy gold signet ring on the cord. Across the crane in flight. How had she come by this? Under the Light, how? “I recognize it,” he told her, his voice suddenly hoarse.

“My name is Nynaeve ti al’Meara Mandragoran. The message I want sent is this. My husband rides from World’s End toward Tarwin’s Gap, toward Tarmon Gai’don. Will he ride alone?”

Second most often referenced scene has to do with a very surprising revelation:

Spoilers for book 12 The Gathering Storm:

“Hello, Egwene,” Verin said, taking a sip from a steaming cup of tea. “My! I was beginning to wonder if I’d have to break into that cell of yours in order to speak with you.”

Egwene shook off her shock. Verin? When had the woman returned to the White Tower? How long had it been since Egwene had seen her? “There isn’t time right now, Verin,” she said, quickly opening the small locker that contained her extra dress. “I have work to be about.”

“Hmm, yes,” Verin said, taking a calm sip of her tea. “I suspect that you do. By the way, that dress you are wearing is green.”

We all must agree that the chapter that follows this scene is very surprising and very sad.

Many members (me included) find a part of the fourth book The Shadow Rising really interesting and it’s one of our favorites! And that is – walking alongside Rand through the glass columns of Rhuidean – forward, but back in time!

Equally interesting is another character’s visit through the glass columns.

Spoilers for book 13 Towers of Midnight:

Aviendha goes through the columns for a second time, but instead of seeing the past of the Aiel, she sees their future.

Mat is known as many people’s favorite character, so of course there are multiple favorite moments of his that the members really like.

Spoilers for the Dragon Reborn book 3:

Mat defeating Galad and Gawyn with only a quarterstaff, after being healed from the Shadar Logoth dagger

“Who was the greatest blademaster of all time?”

From the throats of dozens of students came a massed bellow. “Jearom, Gaidin!”

“Yes!” Hammar shouted, turning to make sure all heard. “During his lifetime, Jearom fought over ten thousand times, in battle and single combat. He was defeated once. By a farmer with a quarterstaff. Remember that. Remember what you just saw.”

Spoilers for book 13 Towers of Midnight:

Mat, alongside Thom and Noal entering the Tower of Ghenjei, rescuing Moiraine, winning the game of “Snakes and Foxes” and Jain Farstrider earning his place along the Heroes of the Horn.

Some people also have favorite moments from New Spring! For example:

Moiraine’s testing, and Moiraine and Siuan getting raised to Aes Sedai

The Prophecy that started it all: “He is born again! I feel him! The Dragon takes his first breath on the slopes of Dragonmount! He is coming! He is coming! Light help us! Light help the world! He lies in the snow and cries like the thunder! He burns like the sun!” All of the books are filled with amazing scenes, battles, witty sayings, romantic gestures, there are so many to choose from. Write us a comment which one is a favorite of yours, if it’s not mentioned here.

Come join the forums and discuss some of your favorite moments with the rest of us!