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TarValon Talks is the official podcast of TarValon.Net.

Behind TarValon Talks

Digital Producer

Veriendha al'Riaha is the podcast's Digital Producer.

Audio Engineer

Adolla Ceryia, or Doll, is the Audio mastermind behind the podcast, as well as a host of the show.

TarValon Talks Team

Other Staff

Guest Contributors

TarValon Talks Episodes

  • TarValon Talks Episode 0: Episode 0 is an introduction to the hosts, what the podcast is about, and the community of TarValon.Net.
  • TarValon Talks Episode 1: In Episode 1, the hosts Doll, Dianna, and Thad discuss the first season of the Wheel of Time television series and some theories for season two. There are spoilers for all Wheel of Time books at the end of the episode; if you have not finished the books, feel free to stop listening around minute 42.
  • TarValon Talks Episode 2: Coming Soon! This episode features guest Michael Livingston!