The Most Important Question Ever Asked! - January

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Author: Kyla Sterling

TVT 11 2015 header TheMostImpQuest.jpg

This month we asked readers when, in the process of brushing their teeth, they got their toothbrush wet. Unlike last month's poll, this question was slightly more divisive. (But there was still a clear victor.) Nearly 50% of respondents only wet their toothbrush before putting the toothpaste on. The rest of the respondents were split between getting the toothbrush wet after applying toothpaste and those who wet the toothbrush both before and after toothpaste. And then there was that one person who doesn't get it wet at all, just sticks the glob of toothpaste on and goes to town...

Poll Results - December.jpg

Far more interesting than the answers themselves (per my cunning plan) were people's reasoning behind their actions. Most "before" respondents agreed that they got their toothbrushes wet as a sort of "pre-rinse" to clean the brush and encourage the toothpaste to stick. The "after" group seem to enjoy the extra foam. The "both" group, obviously, uses both sets of reasoning.

Both Enelya al'Morna Sedai and Karassa Souladrin Sedai had existential crises when they had to explain why they do what they do, with Wil Cambrae Gaidin and Elyss Koh'inor not far behind. Cahalan Sothron encountered minor marital strife when it was discovered that she and Mr. Sothron brush their teeth differently and each think the other is wrong. A minor argument occurred (complete with photoset) between Luna Morn Sedai and Cahalan over how to keep the toothpaste from falling off the brush due to water pressure. Luckily, all ended in laughter - no flame wars yet for the MIQEA series!

Join us in the General forum for the next poll! And, as always, if you have a Question That Needs Asked, feel free to PM Kyla Sterling!

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