The Queen's Lance

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Author: Kerna Shedrian A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.


The Queen's Lance is an inn in Kayacun, Saldaea which is popular with merchants. It has a large common room.

Weilin Aldragoran is trading his gems there with two Illianers; Pavil Geraneos and Jeorg Damentanis. After the transaction is finished, Nynaeve approaches him and asks him to send pigeons to all his correspondents. He is to tell them that Tarmon Gai'don is coming and that Lan rides for Tarwin's Gap from World's End. Two other Malkieri merchants present; Managan and Gorenellin, overhear and agree to ride with the Golden Crane.

(Reference: Knife of Dreams, Chapter 20)