The Shadow Rising: Chapter 44

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Author: Val a'Shain

Trolloc Chapter Icon.png

The Breaking Storm

Chapter Icon: Trolloc Skull and Fist

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: Emond's Field, the Two Rivers

Characters: Perrin, Faile, Marin al'Vere, Verin, Alanna, Chiad, Bain, Tomas, Ihvon, Bran al'Vere, Tam al'Thor, Abell Cauthon


After waking up Perrin wants to immediately leave to the Waygate. But soon after he is up, Trollocs attack the village and are all killed by the villagers.


When Perrin wakes up he is in one of the rooms of the Winespring inn. Faile is with him and by the looks of it she spent the night in a chair near his bed. Faile makes it very clear he should stay in bed. So clear in fact Perrin gets suspicious. He wants to know what she is hiding. After a bit of evading the question she tells him Gaul and Loial were seen leaving Emond's Field at dawn. Perrin suspects Loial wants to close the Waygate. He still thinks it is his responsibility so he wants to get up to get them back. They can't be far yet.

Perrin gets up, dresses and tries to make his way downstairs. Faile tries to stop him and he is weaker than he wants to admit. Perrin stumbles on the stairs and falls down, taking Faile with him. Marin al'Vere is amused to find them on top of each other at the bottom of the stairs. She gives Faile some advice on how to handle men. Then a cry is raised outside. 'Trolloc!' Faile gives up and lets Perrin get his horse under the condition he will not go after Gaul and Loial and that he will stay well back of any fighting. Perrin has to admit he is in no condition to fight so he agrees.

When he gets to the site of the commotion it appears a lone Trolloc bothered some of the men working on clearing trees around Emond's Field. No one was seriously hurt and Verin and Alanna quickly Heal the men. Chiad and Bain make their way through the crowd to report a party of perhaps five hundred Trollocs is a mile or two behind them. Perrin asks Tomas and Ihvon why they haven't cleared the people away yet. The Warders respond Two Rivers people don't listen too well to outsiders. Perrin finds Bran, Tam and Abell and they set to work organizing the defence.

Before Perrin knows it the archers are in place, the women and children are inside and he is accompanied by several of the young men. One of them carries a banner with a wolf's head. The archers and catapults prove effective. The party of Trollocs is wiped out before any of them can get to the line of stakes. Bran says Perrin lead them to a great victory. Perrin thinks he didn't do anything. He asks Tomas why the Trollocs mounted this pointless attack. They would need at least four times as many to break through. The Warder seems to think they are testing the defences. The Trollocs will be back. Then Perrin hears shouts from the other side of the village.

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