Virtual Events Merit

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Virtual Events Coffee Merit Silver 300.png Virtual Events Movie Merit Silver 300.png Virtual Events Achievement Merit Silver 300.png Virtual Events Participation Merit Silver 300.png Virtual Events Epic Merit Silver 300.png


The Virtual Events Merit is a Merit Badge created in 2020 to recognise that while people are unable to hold real life events, virtual events can also contribute to the community. There are five categories, depending on the type of event being held. Each event must be open to all members and have a minimum of 10 attendees.

  • Coffee Talk - Host 10 online chats or virtual meetings
  • Movie Buff - Host 5 online movie watch events
  • Achievement Unlocked - Host 5 online quizzes or trivia
  • I Was There - Attend 20 virtual events
  • Epic Event - Plan an epic event. This is a nomination-only merit for people who have planned large online events such as Project Gaidin