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Whil al'Gwin
Post Date: Dec 01, 2008

   Post subject: In this thread I will write a haiku about anything you want
Whil al'Gwin in this thread i will

write a haiku about you
or possibly won't

Jeffan wrote: *ponders*

How about... boobs!

Whil al'Gwin please grow up young man

women don't really like that
unless they are green

Kytheria wrote: WWE!

And then: Reggie and the Full Effect.

Whil al'Gwin from what i can tell

seemingly every week
jeff hardy does drugs

come on happy chickens
drunk girl at get up kids show
please buy a t-shirt

murasaki wrote: write a haiku about haiku.
Whil al'Gwin this is a haiku

that i am writing for you
also i am drunk

Erin al'Denael wrote: Write one about the mental image of floating membranes in the mind of a sadistic frog.
Whil al'Gwin i don't understand

what that is supposed to mean
rawr rawr dinosaur

Zashara Da'sainne wrote: Write one about your "sexy" backside
Whil al'Gwin can't help but notice

your quotation marks madam
you'd kill to have me

Autumn Sapphira wrote: I'd like to request a haiku about ....


Thank you!

Whil al'Gwin all that i can say

about your chosen subject
i'm not wearing them

karassa sedai wrote: a haiku please write

extolling the virtues of phi
that golden number

Whil al'Gwin my apologies

it seems you are mistaken
i'm not a huge nerd

Locus Sarania wrote: Zombie haiku is always fun.
Whil al'Gwin zombie haiku fun?

i will test this theory now
nope, i'm afraid not

Aryawnah Federov wrote: How about writing one about beer. ^_^
Whil al'Gwin write one about beer

how about i buy you one
and then we make out

Jeffan Caliarthan wrote: A challenge, then!

Write a haiku about the modesty of MDD. *nods*

Whil al'Gwin hardly a challenge

we are pure as driven snow
that has been peed on

Asine Dormandi wrote: Can I get a haiku about dragons?

Please Whil Gaidin!

Whil al'Gwin haiku about them

i could write a crappy book
call it eragon

Nyavene al'Meer wrote: LOL!! You are awesome Whil Gaidin..

Could you write a haiku bout Novices?? Please ?? *tries to do her best puppy eyes*

Whil al'Gwin i can try at least

though i'm not allowed near them
since the "incident"