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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Zomaran are Aginor's creatures, made in the Age of Legends for the sole purpose of serving. A zomara, whether male or female-looking, is slender, beautiful, young-appearing and always smiling, with golden hair and dead black eyes. Those are an indication of the creature's soullessness. It wears tight white breeches and a flowing white blouse and moves gracefully.

According to Aran'gar, zomaran are "one of Aginor's less inspired creations." They are not useful for any task but serving, yet they can be trusted more than human servants. They forget everything that was said, with the exception of orders directed at them, in the course of a few minutes, so they cannot carry information anywhere they should not. Most people feel uncomfortable around zomaran for various reasons: their blank and empty eyes, their disturbingly graceful movements and their ability to know what the one they are facing has in mind.

(References: The Great Hunt, Prologue; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 3)


  • Zomaran serve wine to the Darkfriends who followed Ba'alzamon's summons. After each of them has received their instructions, the zomaran take them to their rooms (TGH, Prologue).


"Young men and young women alike, they wore tight white breeches and flowing white shirts. And male and female alike, they moved with disturbing grace. Each looked more than a mirror image of the others, the boys as handsome as the girls were beautiful. He doubted he could distinguish one from another, and he had an eye and a memory for faces." (Bors on the zomaran; The Great Hunt, Prologue)

"A servant approached, a slim graceful young man clad all in white, impossibly handsome, bowing as he presented a crystal goblet on a silver tray. He smiled, but it did not touch his black eyes, eyes more lifeless than simply dead." (Moridin on a zomara; The Path of Daggers, Prologue)

"Graceful and beautifully androgynous, apparently human despite those dead black eyes, the creatures had been one of Aginor's less inspired creations." (Aran'gar on the zomaran; Knife of Dreams, Chapter 3)