"So You Think You Can't Teach?"

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Author: Charis Delphi, September 2017

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So You Think You Can't Teach?

Well I'm here to tell you that you can! It may seem intimidating at first, but teaching can be fun and rewarding. The hardest part is often deciding what to teach. To help you I have a thread in the classroom that has many ideas, including Wheel of Time topics, site related and other 'real life' topics. Are you a fan of a particular mythology? Then teach a class on it! Think you know everything on the Seanchan? Tell us! There are many subject ideas in the thread, but don't feel limited by them, and if you're not sure whether it is something you can teach email me and we can work it out.

Now, sometimes you have this huge awesome idea that is so hugely awesome you can't think how to teach it. I'll give an example of mine. Greek Mythology. I mean really, where the heck do you start? Well, I knew I couldn't tell you every single thing about Greek Mythology because, well honestly the class would have lasted a thousand years. So, I had to think how to break it down into something that could be taught in a somewhat shorter period. So I decided to focus on the Olympians, and dedicate a lesson to each one. Perhaps I will teach a further class on the Titans, or the other various gods, or on mythological creatures? Perhaps you can? *hint hint* Regardless, if you have a big idea and can't fathom how to teach it don't despair. Ask me and see if I can help. Or ask your friends! They might be able to see it a different way and help you out!

So having finally got your idea into a workable class, you now need to focus on the lessons themselves. Will you be presenting information and asking students to discuss it? Will you be posing a question that they must research the answer to and present? Again this is pretty much up to you. There is no set way to teach a class, and the above are only examples. The same is true of how many lessons your class will contain, although it should be more than one or two. The average length of a class is probably 6-8 weeks, but you can teach a longer class if needed/wanted. Or a two, three, four, etc., part class. You decide how best to do justice to your chosen subject. I recommend writing the lessons ahead of time, in case real life crops up you can still at least post the lessons quickly that way. If you don't have them all that's fine, but I still recommend having at least a few prepared. They don't have to be long (but they can be long if needed), and they can change if necessary as well.

So now you've got yourself all set what are you waiting for? Send me that email, see details in the classroom on what is needed (or you can just send me an email to ask a question too). Classes are a great way for junior members to get their contributions in, but even senior members can find the experience rewarding (there is a merit!). And classes are fun for those taking them as well, everyone can learn something new, and so it's a win-win. So stop by the Classroom today! Make sure you blame Charis!